Clogged up fullness of the ear with ringing

Discussion in 'Support' started by aliglitter, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. aliglitter

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    Hi I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone ever had this problem?

    I discovered that I had some sort of tinnitus around last October. I never went to the doctor but I thought I had acquired it by going to concerts without hearing protection (stupid I know) and there was nothing I could do about it. That last part of last year was so depressing and stressful but I had learned to deal with it and cope with it eventually that for the most part it wasn't so bad that I could sleep with it without using any masking.

    However, all of the sudden...I want to say that it was around this Thursday where I had felt my right ear to seem "clogged" and there is a persistent high pitched ringing that is constant. I've never had it this bad before. There's nothing I can do to pop it...holding my nose and blowing doesn't help, yawning or chewing gum doesn't help. It just feels fully "clogged". I don't know if it's air or fluid trapped in there? I am not sick...but had been sneezing a few times earlier in the week which may be due to allergies? But no runny nose. I used mineral oil thinking it could be ear wax but didn't get anything out...maybe I just made it worse.

    The ringing it the right ear has made sounds sensitive. If I hear a loud noise it will amplify the loud ringing in my the toilet flushing. If I cover my left ear I can hear that in my right ear as well. However I can still hear things somewhat clearly if I cover up my left ear but I hear the ringing still and more prominent. It sounds somewhat muffled.

    I'm planning on going to get checked out...but does anyone know what this might be? Anything I should stress out over? I don't want to be deaf! :(

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  2. click

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    Aliglitter - it doesn't necessarily mean you have an infection - in the eustachian tubes or elsewhere.

    Many of us with tinntus experience the 'clogged' full feeling that you have described.

    Obviously it's advisable to get it checked out to eliminate any obvious cause like an infection but don't panic if they tell you that they can't see anything wrong. It also doesn't mean that you're going deaf.

    The full feeling will probably subside as it has done for most of us. Don't panic. Read some posts in here from Erik, Markku, Dezdog, Karl and Louise... and post again in here if it helps. For the sensitivity to sound, try not to block normal sounds out - concentrate on not damaging your ears with exceptionally loud sounds but ensure that you don't gravitate to silence because of the sensitivity.

    Let us know what happens when you get checked. Remember that anxiety is your worst enemy - far worse than the ringing and clogged feeling. Stay calm.

  3. aliglitter

    aliglitter Member

    Thanks for the reply click. For some reason I have a feeling it just might be my "tinnitus". I actually wished it was something else, lol.

    When I woke up today it felt a bit better. It didn't feel as clogged anymore and no constant ringing like before, but it's still sensitive to sounds. The tinnitus will echo the pitches it's hearing. Don't know if it will clear itself out of this later on because it's kind of annoying. Not sure what I did to help it with the unclogged feeling. I did take one antibiotic just in case it was an infection and 2 dramamine before I went to bed (not sure if that med ever helped with me though) and I swabbed antibiotic cream in my ear canals. Maybe the moisture opened it up?

    Both of my ears suffer to T, but I think my right one is worse. It also suffered an ear infection when I was younger.

    I can also hear/feel it in my ear when I breathe in. Is this normal?
  4. jazz

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    Please don't pop your ears. That's how I got tinnitus. You might be suffering from allergies, or allergies might be making your tinnitus worse. I don't have any classic allergy symptoms, but my ears often feel full. I take inhaled steroids for them. I don't like taking steroids, but the inhaled ones are supposedly safe. Anyway, you might want to talk to your ENT about it. This is the one drug they give out for many reasons. The ENT's tool box is pretty empty, but inhaled steroids do wonder for inflammation with little adverse effects.
  5. aliglitter

    aliglitter Member

    Not sure if anyone wanted an update...but I think it was an infection of some sort since it finally cleared up (with antibiotics) and no loud ringing...although I still have the normal tinnitus before then. Actually at one point I got into bed one night and kept hearing a buzzing sound but didn't see any bug...wasn't sure if it was me or something else. Ugh, I hate when tinnitus gets like that!
  6. Mahdi
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    Allergies surely play assistants to the devil of tinnitus in torturing the victims.
  7. jazz

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    Great news! Allergies, colds, flu--anything that effects your upper respiratory system can--and will--wreck havoc with your tinnitus. But it's almost always temporary. Thank goodness for little miracles! :)
  8. Sybs

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    Hi Aliglitter. Your tinnitus exactly mirrors mine! I went to the GP and she said I do have a build up of fluid behind my left ear drum - this ear causes a high pitched ringing/whistling sound which is also made worse by certain sounds (toilet flushing and printer at work) I keep trying to get it to drain without success. I have also been trying to locate my tonsillar pillar as I've read, elsewhere on this forum, that you can massage it to drain the fluid. I have also read about several types of decongestants, one in particular called Pseudoephedrine that is supposed to be effective at draining the fluid but can also make the T worse while on it. I am waiting to see an Audiologist. I am hoping that if the fluid is still present when I see them, they might put an ear tube in to drain it. It might not be the total cause of my tinnitus but I am sure it is making it worse, so feel confident that if my ears were clear it would either reduce significantly or go altogether. Have you had it checked since your last post, and what was the result?
  9. Rita

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    October 2013
    Hi, I'm new here and have been reading your posts for a while, I too have been suffering same symptoms described by you all since last October hoping it would go away, until it eventually got me going nuts and irritated! My GP first gave me the nasal sprays but no success. I then went privately (Harley Street) - had some audio tests and MRI and am now prescribed with antihistamines for a month - "serc-16". Will keep you updated how it goes. It's only my 4th day of taking them and the clogginees is still there at times but no morse code or ringing. I was told it would take time as this particular antihistamine takes a while to work. Have a nice weekend everyone.
  10. ajay

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    May be this is due to deficiency of:
    1. Vit B12
    2. Vit D
    3. Serum Iron
    Carry our appropriate tests to evaluate the above. in my case all these parameters were low, particularly Iron was low, i started taking iron suppliments advised by the doctor, i am feeling much better now. if it works for u please share with as many sufferers as possible and to me also. Best Wishes. :) Ajay

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