Two Weeks and I Am Dying Inside
Charlie, I am sure I am as much of a downer as you are. I do understand EXACTLY how you feel, it almost like you're writing down my thoughts.

I just recently started a new office job (from always working in retail) and also bought a pair of Beats on-ear headphones. Although I don't like having too much of the up-beat music at work, more listening to softer pop, I still listened to music several hours a day for the past months.
On the day of Doom, I listened to the band I was going to see and it's an electro, trap, lots of drops/bass kind of band. My ears were probably tired already? I try not to listen too loud at work because I don't want to bother the others so I am sure it wasn't over 85db. On my way to and from work (30 min total) I'd go somewhat higher due to lots of noise around.
We probably both have the same kind of background in this matter.

The only case I know is a friend of mine, he was pumping loud music for weeks and woke up with T. It changed sound and loudness until a week later when it went away during a night. He was working in quite a loud working place and listened to more music at night to drown the T out.

If it does not go away, I hope we can share our journey to being better together.