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Great. That was what I did a lot too a while back, suggesting to the mind with positive messages whenever tinnitus was spiking loud. But honestly I feel if the technique IWLM has been using is working for him, then there is no reason to doubt that there are many roads to Rome when it comes to habituating and managing tinnitus. After all, I think his technique is a form of mindfulness without being in the meditative state. He acknowledges (measures) his feeling to the tinnitus sensation w/o running away from it and w/o inducing more fear about it.

Mindfulness is a powerful technique practised by many to deal with all sorts of hurtful sensations including chronic pain, fear, and anxiety. If you feel an uncomfortable sensation, instead of running from it or suggesting all sorts of catastrophic thoughts about it, you can train yourself to focus on the sensation without judgement, and say mentally or verbally 'this is fear', or 'this is pain', or for anxiety 'this is anxious feeling' etc. Then you can further suggest 'I will be find space and openness to allow this feeling', which is suggesting to the mind to accept the presence of such sensation without judgement, without painful and emotional resistance to it. This will slowly remove the fight or flight response to the sensation, and hopefully it will be easier to accept it. Dr. Hubbard in his success story post mentions that he used mindfulness to bring focus to his loud tinnitus sound during his struggle with tinnitus. So you may want to read that to see how it is done when it comes to tinnitus. Or better yet, you can ask him about it in the Doctor's Corner.

Here is a short 3 minute video of how mindfulness can be done by Dr. Susan O'Grady: