Binaural Beats CURED My Tinnitus
After 4 months of hell I started to get acupuncture for stress and blood circulation which helped a bit.

Then 2 weeks ago I was browsing YouTube looking for "tinnitus therapy" and stumbled on a 30 minute binaural beat for tinnitus video...

After THE FIRST time listening I took the headphones off... NO RINGING. It came back a few minutes later at a lower level but I knew something was up so I listened to it 2 times a day for 1 week.

Last week when I listened to it, I took the headphones off, and the ringing was gone and has not returned. Sound ridiculous but I'm telling the honest truth.

If you think your tinnitus is stress related, acupuncture and binaural beats very well could 100% cure your tinnitus. It might not be the same for noise-induced tinnitus or the other subtypes but it sure as shit worked for me.

If you listen to this, lie down, relax, put headphones on moderate to low volume, you should hear the beeps easily but not too loud. Do this 2 times a day (morning/night). I guarantee you at least get a few minutes of complete silence if nothing else. It took me almost 6 months to figure out. I'm so glad I did... I have love for each and everyone of you. I hope you find peace from this curse.