Frequency Therapeutics — Hearing Loss Regeneration

I wanted to start a new thread on this company. They made some great claims approx 6 months ago and have recently updated their website. I wanted to open up a thread on any information or even speculation as to what they are doing.

They made this claim:

Frequency will use a clinically established procedure to inject small molecules in a slow-release gel into the middle ear during a three minute office procedure. Intra-tympanic injections are widely used for steroids in a high volume ENT procedure under an existing CPT code.​

I found it interesting because doesn't this usually involve drilling a hole in the cochlea which is the hardest bone in the body? This doesn't seem to go along with that.

Also does anyone know if they will be starting clinical trials? Or maybe they have something that will bypass that. We all know anything going to a clinical trial is many, many years away. Their website seems like there might be something good happening in the near future.

If they have something I think this would be a much better alternative to travelling out of the country.