GABA CALM for Tinnitus
You guys need to try a supplement called "GABA CALM" I took it last night before bed and noticed a significant reduction in my T today.

Gabba Calm is ment to slow down or " calm" over active Gabba reseptors in your brain.

My T started in my left ear from sound trauma at work. At first it was a continuous high pitched 7-8 khz, like I was at the dentist getting my brain drilled. But in the last month it's dropped down to a more quiet 4-5 khz, like someone is running a shop vac in the next room.

Up to this point I've also been taking Naproxen(Aleve) regularly for inflammation, Ring Relief dissolving tablets, Ginko Baloba, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Fish oil Omega 3 in the morning, and Charlotte's Web CBD hemp oil and 5 mg of melatonin at bedtime with some chamomile tea.

All of these supplements combined promote a healthy calm mind and have helped to alleviate my Tinnitus.

But today after the GABA CALM all I hear is an occasional quiet tingle gingle like Santa elves are ringing a little bell beside my head every once in a while, and in quieter settings, maybe someone is vacuuming down the street lol. This is definately the most noticeable improvement so far.

Now I hope my insomnia will start to get better. I hope they legalize Medical Cannabis in SC soon, because I've read great things about in for Tinnitus.

I pray for continuing relief and hope this helps you all. Please consult me any way you can, I appreciate the support. Peace and love! :)