Experiences with Head Tinnitus?
My T is described in detail in my introduction post, but in short:

Since falling down the stairs one day, I've had multiple tones/static noises/crickets at both sides of the head, and occasionally even in the middle. Things slowly got worse in the first few months, with a burst of stress resulting in the worst week of my life. After which I started to deal with the sounds a bit better concerning my attitude, but they remained the same in volume.

Among other things, I noticed at some point that neck movement influenced some T sounds. Things changed when I went to the physio one day to check up, and he diagnosed clear issues with the muscles there. For example, I had to lie down and lift my head up just a bit in a certain posture: I couldn't even last for a few seconds. Normally someone can hold that pose for roughly 20 seconds. He demonstrated correct postures which I needed to work on, though I wouldn't know how to share that here. Shouldn't matter though, since I only "trained" myself in posture a few times. More benefit was gained from these exercises:

I checked them with my physio, after which he recommended them as well. The exercises should be useful in his opinion.

It's in Dutch though, sorry about that :(. Roughly translated he tells the following:

- Exercise daily.
- Do the exercises on both the left and right side.
- Repeat exercise 1-3 ten times in total.
- Repeat exercise 4-7 three times, each set taking 7 seconds of stretching.
- Stretch (tension) is good, but pain is bad. If you experience pain, stretch less far and less long at first, and slowly build up during the days/weeks/whatever time you need.
- Contact your physio if you keep having complaints (more of a disclaimer, I guess).

I've been doing this for over two months, with really slow progress at start: but after a few weeks, I started to notice small periods of silence/T being masked by the environment, and these periods kept building. At the moment of writing, I'm having a break of a week, since my neck is a bit sore at the moment: perhaps I over-stretched at some point, dunno :p. I'm continuing next week.

Something to keep in mind. I'm certain these exercises only helped because my T finds its origin in the neck. Therefore, if your T has another cause, it probably won't have any effect. Don't unnecessarily get your hopes up. However, this is a cheap and easy way to at least check: if you don't notice any effect in two months, then the neck is not related. If it is, hey, congratz: hopefully some relief in time :)

And another thing:
My T sounds usually peak a bit after the exercises: nothing too bad, but a minor increase for up to half an hour. This actually motivated me in the starting period, since any effect could indicate a relationship between T and the muscles. If this occurs to you as well, you could consider it to be a good sign. Over time, as the muscles become more flexible, complaints should lessen.