Retigabine (Trobalt, Potiga) — General Discussion
@valeri it looks like given your constraints, what you want to accomplish is a sense of whether or not the drug will work for you. to that end i would ramp up as quickly as possible, and taper down even faster. i don't think slow taper down (or up) is important at all, i think that is mostly just for epilepsy patients so that the quick change of dosages doesn't cause an increase in seizure. you should try to get to 300mgTID (300mgx3) a day as quick as possible (you can do this in about a week if you increase 50mgTID every 2-3 days, starting from 1oomgTID). i did not taper down at all, basically stopped cold turkey, and it did not effect me at all. i also tapered up very fast. if you had more pills you could perhaps take your time with it, but i think in your position your main goal is to see 1. if this drug does anything for you, and 2. at what dosage does it have an effect.