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Yikes, spiking off the hook tonight Mar 2, 2021 at 3:27 AM

AfroSnowman was last seen:
Viewing thread Frequency Therapeutics — Hearing Loss Regeneration, Mar 3, 2021 at 4:57 PM
    1. AfroSnowman
      Yikes, spiking off the hook tonight
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      2. Tezcatlipoca
        that sucks man, hopefully it dies down by tomorrow
        Mar 2, 2021 at 4:45 AM
      3. BrOKeN_1
        I feel your pain brother... hang in there.
        Mar 2, 2021 at 6:09 AM
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      4. Steph1710
        Yay! Me too!
        I blasted a belt sander without ear protection on by accident, had a plate dropped on floor next to me, had a tin of pasta dropped next to me, had someone turn the TV max volume with me in the room, and someone kissed me loudly on the cheek next to my ear, which gave my burning ear pain for three hours! Very, very bad ear day yesterday.
        Mar 2, 2021 at 11:39 AM
    2. AfroSnowman
      I’ve been dealing with it better the last couple days. Is it my mind dealing with it better or are the symptoms less?
      1. Ilias T
        Ilias T
        12 days spike free. You need to find all triggers. Mine was video games and too much sugar.
        Feb 26, 2021 at 10:36 AM
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      2. martinberryhorse
        Honestly, I've found it best to not ask yourself that. I think a lot of people aren't affected by T, or even don't realize they have it because they aren't checking. My mom has T, but doesn't realize it, and it never bothers her. She hears it when she sleeps but thinks it's something else so it doesn't bother her. I've driven myself crazy over the last 16 months wondering if it's getting better.
        Feb 26, 2021 at 10:50 AM
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    3. AfroSnowman
      I try to remind myself I deal with my worst days better and my good days are pretty OK. Problem is I have a short memory on the bad days.
      1. Steph1710
        We all do. When it's "that time of the month" for me, my T always increases in volume. And every time I seem to forget that it's the norm for me, and it does go back to baseline afterwards... Stupid brains!
        Feb 19, 2021
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    4. AfroSnowman
      feeling better today. Very short spike cycle just about 24 hours. Super thankful and hopeful.....until the next shitstorm ;)
    5. AfroSnowman
      Rough one starting last night into today. Loud I can deal with, It’s the changing sounds and insane pitch that gets me
      1. Ilias T likes this.
      2. Ilias T
        Ilias T
        Mine doesn't change sound but the spike feels like a knife in my ear. Let's hope for upcoming new treatments that actually work
        Feb 13, 2021
      3. InfiniteLoop
        Agree... mine is all over the place as well. Much worse than one steady. I don't expect any good treatment in my lifetime, and does give the relief from false hopes
        Feb 14, 2021
    6. AfroSnowman
      I am getting closer to habituation, but still live with the reality of two steps forward, one step back. I just took the step back
      1. Steph1710 likes this.
      2. Michael Leigh
        Michael Leigh
        You will get there AfroSnowman because you have the right attitude. You are not looking for unrealistic goals and you have a positive attitude. Stay the course and you'll be the victor!
        Feb 13, 2021
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    7. AfroSnowman
      Looks like my mild stretch is over. Sigh
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    8. AfroSnowman
      A really good 48 hours another step towards habituation
      1. Steph1710 and convolution like this.
    9. AfroSnowman
      Every time I start to do better, I think /hope that I am on the way to habituation.
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      2. BrOKeN_1
        And you are.. I believe.
        Feb 5, 2021
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    10. AfroSnowman
      1. Ilias T likes this.
      2. Orions Pain
        Orions Pain
        :( I’m sorry you have it too. From the very beginning I was very confused how everyone seemed to have such success with fans and whatnot. Always made it worse for me
        Feb 4, 2021
      3. AfroSnowman
        I’ve tried using maskers and they as often as not make it worse. I recently got the settings changed on mine and had a super low setting one that I can barely hear over the tinnitus. I’ve been using it the last two days and it seems to be more useful.
        Feb 4, 2021
      4. Steph1710
        I use a fan sound sometimes because it's the only thing which can slightly mask it without making it worse. However, even the fan can make it more high pitched sometimes.
        I can't use any other noises - especially the coloured ones either. They aggravate it big time :-/
        Feb 4, 2021
    11. AfroSnowman
      Super super high stress day but the t did OK. Loud for sure but not growing worse with the stress levels. Little steps.
      1. twa
        Love, love, love this!
        Feb 4, 2021
      2. AfroSnowman
        @twa thanks. I’m hoping to find a way to stumble my way through this.
        Feb 4, 2021
        twa likes this.
    12. AfroSnowman
      Only happens once or twice a month but today was a pretty good t day. Hooray!!!
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    13. AfroSnowman
      Such a small difference in pitch between something I can manage and something that is challenging
      1. Keith Handy, GBB, BrOKeN_1 and 2 others like this.
    14. AfroSnowman
      Doing better today.
    15. AfroSnowman
      Having just watched a CBT video, I am focusing my efforts on improving my internal dialogue.
      1. Steph1710 and Drachen like this.
      2. Drachen
        Curious to hear how this works out for you. CBT is something I have largely kept away from, because it doesn't seem like it would work for me.
        Jan 21, 2021
      3. AfroSnowman
        90% of CBT is how I instinctively approach pain/difficulty. Nothing is likely to make much impact on my level of tinnitus, but if I can pay attention to it less my life will be a bit better. That pretty much all I’m hoping to get out of it
        Jan 22, 2021
    16. twa
      Glad you're feeling better!
    17. AfroSnowman
      Doing a bit better today. Hopefully the multi-day spike is over
    18. AfroSnowman
      I know I need to get stronger, but boy today is a doozy.
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    19. AfroSnowman
      Super loud screeching but feeling relatively chill about it.
      1. Steph1710 likes this.
    20. Turgy
      hi, i read in the doctors corner that you want to hunt. if you fired shots, did it affect your tinnitus?
    21. MargiefromCali
      Did you see my post about your question about eyeglasses?
      1. AfroSnowman
        yes I did now. Thanks
        Apr 11, 2020
        MargiefromCali likes this.
    22. AfroSnowman
      It's not MS but it's not a sunburn either
    23. AfroSnowman
      Water pouring over stone
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