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Mar 21, 2016
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Sep 28, 1998 (Age: 21)

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Member, Male, 21, from USA

So many people on here in so much pain. I wish I could just hold each and every one of you and make the ringing stop. Apr 9, 2020 at 2:21 AM

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Viewing thread Chit Chat and All That..., Apr 9, 2020 at 3:09 PM
    1. aot
      Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I hope your T gives you a big heart shaped box of silence.
    2. aot
      Lots of mood whiplash these days: I go to bed, scared things will be worse in the morning. But more often than not, everything's ok.
    3. aot
      Read a book in a quiet room for the first time in months last night. VS and Floaters suck, but I'm learning to live with it.
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      2. pinklights98
        Try eating 300 mg of pineapple a day. I struggle with floaters as well and I’m trying it. There’s a study on it but be aware that the people in the study didn’t see results until the 3rd month.
        Feb 12, 2020
    4. aot
      Got exposed to the sounds of a Pressure Washer last night. About 30 seconds to a minute. Scared that it's gonna screw me over.
      1. MichaelSF
        Be strong, rest, try to distract your mind, if you feed it it will grow I am in the dumps too
        Feb 10, 2020
      2. all to gain
        all to gain
        Is a pressure washer that loud? I ued to use one all the time in my younger days, never thought twice about it back then.
        Feb 11, 2020
    5. aot
      Been noticing a strange vibration in the back of my head whenever someone talks loudly. Is that normal?
    6. aot
      I wish every week could be Tinnitus Week. Just sheer darkness all the time and suddenly 6 days where we get flodded with data and hope.
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    7. aot
      Notcing some Visual Snow symptoms. Feeling very hopeless.
    8. aot
      No spike this morning. Thank goodness.
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    9. aot
      T was super loud this morning. The loudest it's ever been. Looking any and all positivity. Please god don't let this stick.
    10. aot
      @Candy I'm an American living in the USA. Will my signature even matter?
      1. Hazel likes this.
      2. Selah1281
        I signed the petition. Also in US. Good question.
        Feb 3, 2020
    11. aot
      Been having a rough few days. Trying to stay positive and hopeful.
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    12. aot
      People, let's be real here: If you desire a cure and/or better treatments for Tinnitus, you have ZERO EXCUSES for not taking the survey.
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      2. OnceUponaTime
        That's right!
        Jan 19, 2020
      3. IAmCalifornia
        Jan 21, 2020
    13. aot
      T has been real loud since last night. At first I thought it was a hotdog I ate, now I'm not sure. Hope it's not permanent.
      1. OnceUponaTime
        Hot dogs can be salty. I know salt exacerbates my tinnitus. How are you feeling today?
        Jan 19, 2020
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    14. aot
      I think I'm getting sick again. Just what I need, right?
      1. HeavyMantra
        A week ago I tried taking huge huge doses of vitamin C just whena cold started to make itself known. 4 lemons, many tablets of a vitamin C supplement, bell peppers and so on. The cold never broke out. Might not even work for me the next time but I'll try it every time from now on anyway
        Jan 18, 2020
    15. aot
      Just tore up my suicide note. It was written months ago, days after my spike began. I no longer have any need for it. I can make it through.
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      2. Michael Leigh
        Michael Leigh
        I am pleased to hear this aot. A piece of advice: Take things slowly don't use headphones even at low volume. I also advise, not to use any treatment that consists of playing audible tones through headphones.

        Take care and all the best
        Jan 15, 2020
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    16. aot
      Update: T is better. I'll miss cracking my neck, lol.
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    17. aot
      Cracked my neck and my T got louder! Please, please, PLEASE be Temporary!
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      2. threefirefour
        I used to do that all the time. If you have a neck cracking habit and stop, your tinnitus may reduce.
        Jan 13, 2020
        aot likes this.
    18. LukeYoung
      Hey how are you doing
      1. aot
        I'm alive. Been better, also been worse.
        Jan 12, 2020
        LukeYoung likes this.
    19. aot
      T is killing me this morning.
    20. aot
      Finding a new job is hard. :/
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    21. aot
      Trying to remain calm. Been more and more anxious lately, and it's not doing me any favors.
    22. aot
      Anybody know good resources for learning American Sign Language?
    23. aot
      God fucking dammit! Friend's car alarm went off! Was able to back away and cover my ears really quickly, but still.
    24. aot
      The T was bearable when I woke up. Guess it must've been the coffee.
    25. aot
      T was bad this morning. I hope that it was just because I kept waking up and/or the coffee I had earlier, and not the sign of another spike.
    26. aot
      Had some fullnes this morning in my right (and usually good) ear. Aside from that, I'm doing ok.
    27. aot
      Living the best I can. Trying to not let T keep me down.
    28. aot
      Woke up in the middle of the night with a spike. Went back to sleep and then everything was fine. Weird how it works sometimes.
      1. Rb86
        That happens to me often. I just go "wow...this sucks" and then drift off eventually....usually by morning it's a little more manageable. Nearly 7 months in myself. Hating it so bad
        Dec 16, 2019
      2. astaff14
        Supposedly waking up in the middle of the night / napping can spike tinnitus for a bit. Something to do with the brain stem searching for the tinnitus as a sign were still alive or sometging like that, lmao.
        Dec 19, 2019
    29. aot
      Everyday I get a little bit better. But everynight I'm still scared to fall asleep.
    30. aot
      2/2 cut pieces of hair off you and the thing the use to cover your clothes. Really loud and I was too much of a bitch to complain.
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    Sep 28, 1998 (Age: 21)
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    2016. Worsened 11/2019
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    Probably sound induced.