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Bobby B
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Dec 25, 2021
Nov 25, 2015
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Bobby B

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never used the konfec - i used the Luckylaser, don't think it helps much with T but may help with H and sound quality..perhaps Sep 21, 2020

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Dec 25, 2021
    1. Bobby B
      Bobby B
      never used the konfec - i used the Luckylaser, don't think it helps much with T but may help with H and sound quality..perhaps
    2. GBB
      May I ask what your overall experience using the Konftec was and what % improvement you got?
    3. Bobby B
      Bobby B
      You need to speak to the sales office
    4. Hyp3r3xt3nsion
      Hi Bobby,

      Trying to get an MRI scheduled and was reading your advice regarding the Toshiba MRI machines in the Vantage series with Pianissimo being quiet. How did you go about locating one? I called into the number on their website and spoke with their receptionist on the phone trying to locate one. She said someone would be in touch with me, but I have not heard back from them.

    5. Bobby B
      Bobby B
      A powerful LED light source will be better as its more powerful than laser and much cheaper
    6. Allan Mcmillan
      Allan Mcmillan
      Hi Bobby,
      My tinnitus started 3 months ago but I've been developing hyperacusis gradually since last week. I'm considering ordering
      an EMLAS laser for home therapy. Which model would you recommend and do you think it'll be efficient?
    7. TFK
      Hi Bobby,
      Just found this site and reading horror stories about MRI.
      I have hyperacusis, not tinnitis.
      I have prostate cancer and would like to have another 3T MRI of my prostate done but am terrified of going into an MRI machine.
      I too discovered the Canon literature and am curious on what you have concluded.
      Is it really "quiet" for all scans?
      Thank you, Bobby.

    8. Markku
      Happy new year Bobby! May it be a good year for your ears (and life!).
    9. SkyGift
      Hi Bobby,
      Do you have any hearing loss too??
      High frequency or low frequency? How much?
      Meanwhile would you please send me the specifications of your LLL device, and how can I buy it?
      Many thanks,
      1. Bobby B
        Bobby B
        read the thread pls all the answers are there
        May 6, 2016
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