May 5, 2016
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The MIND is the biggest asset, one has to control their affliction. Feb 7, 2018

    1. Dylan Blake
      Dylan Blake
      Stand firm, Fishbone! I can see You're be a tough one for Tinnitus to keep down.
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    2. threefirefour
      I have a question. How important is positivity? Does it have the potential to unlock anything?
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      3. Dylan Blake
        Dylan Blake
        Right, I am familiar with the meme, man getting eaten by croc say's "positivity is key.", still it's a requirement for many people, especially here. Not that You'll see Me in a safe space any time soon.
        Jul 4, 2018
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      4. 85dB T
        85dB T
        Negative people are usually losers.
        May 4, 2019
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      5. Dylan Blake
        Dylan Blake
        Perhaps, but remember the difference between negative people and losers is which brings folks around them down and which tries to bring folks around them down.
        May 5, 2019
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    3. fishbone
      The MIND is the biggest asset, one has to control their affliction.
    4. Amy2017
      I know I don't like he emergency either I also have pressure whilst typing this. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it very much hope your feeling better soon.
    5. Amy2017
      Everything is normal so far. I have just been struggling with it and finding it very hard to focus on daily life. Sorry your have suffered this. How did it all start for you and have you had any tests or scans ?
    6. Amy2017
      Hi thanks for the reply. I have been to the ent and also had mri and mra head and ears all sort of hearing test camera to the back of nose awaiting ct scan of blood vessels
    7. fishbone
      Yes, I am. I have always been training in weight lifting and martial arts my whole life. It is very exciting and i love the competition :)
      1. Contrast likes this.
    8. Nina99
      Hello! Thank you for your words. Are you also a martial art lover? Me too! Before leaving I was training Aikido and Iaido. Maybe I should pick it up again, it could help focus and relaxation.... And swords are too awesome ;)
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