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Minor ear fullness for me. Mostly when I don't wear my hearing aid. Sep 26, 2017

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Viewing forum list, Nov 23, 2017 at 9:53 PM
    1. Llouiseandhector
      Hello nice to meet you. I was wondering if you could tell me about your ear fulliness I have had his for a god while now ent can't find anything and has sent me to someone who deals with hearig and balance which my appointment is next week. Mri and mra is all normal he is also sending me to a neurologist. I just wondered what your problems were and how you are
    2. GregCA
      Minor ear fullness for me. Mostly when I don't wear my hearing aid.
      1. Tinker Bell
        Tinker Bell
        That is interesting! When I tried a hearing aid, I noticed my ears felt full for an hour or so after I removed the aid. I really didn't think much of it, originally thought maybe that meant the hearing aid was bothering my hyperacusis. But maybe it was the opposite!
        Sep 26, 2017
    3. Llouiseandhector
      Hello I was wondering how you are and about your symptoms do you get ear fullness along with your tinnitus
    4. GregCA
      sensorineural = due to the inner ear (cochlea), conductive = due to the ossicular chain in the middle ear (mostly mechanical)
      1. InfiniteLoop
        Quick onset is also a key factor to get T.
        Feb 1, 2017
    5. Jake007
      Difference between sensorineural and conductive?
    6. GregCA
      Most likely because I had mixed losses, and the sensorineural part is the one responsible for the nasty T.
    7. GregCA
      My surgery helped recover the conductive losses and get rid of hyperacusis, but didn't get rid of Tinnitus.
    8. GregCA
      I have a ski slope going down to 55 dB sensorineural loss @ 8 kHz (and it keeps going down as the frequency increases).
    9. The King
      The King
      Hi greg how are you? How much is your hearing loss now for otoscleroris ? Is Bilateral? Ihave otosclerosis bilateral (mix) ;
      have -80db in the ear left and i will surgery between 3 months. The ent tell me that if the surgery is ok i recover -40db. I hope that after the stapedotomy the volume of T will be low. You situation is better after the surgery ?
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