Jun 17, 2015
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Member, Male

Hit again with this sudden pressure/deaf feeling in ear with T change. Feels like fleeting T that's just about to start, but doesn't fully. Nov 3, 2020

    1. shasta0863
      Hit again with this sudden pressure/deaf feeling in ear with T change. Feels like fleeting T that's just about to start, but doesn't fully.
    2. shasta0863
      Hope this is not the start of the end. Last night got ear pressure/soreness back. Vibration rumbling sound deep in ear is back. So tired.
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      2. shasta0863
        @Rb86 If its something that comes and goes and you feel it as well as hear the low hum its very much most likely mechanical and is MEM. I consider anything mechanical with those muscles MEM though, but perhaps it could be TTS. It feels deep in the ear, and the rumble oscillates. When you've had it, does talking stop it or shaking your head? Only to appear right as you stop?
        Nov 5, 2020
      3. Rb86
        Yes. Shaking my head makes it worse, and talking makes it stop. That's when I have it. Comes and goes all the time.
        Nov 6, 2020
      4. shasta0863
        @Rb86 Some different symptoms we don't share, some we do, but I suspect the same issue. How long ago did this start? Had it a year or more, or less? Do you remember what caused it, or the first time it started?
        Nov 7, 2020
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    3. shasta0863
      Worst T I've had in years. All from a split second, loud (but under 85db) high pitch, high hz sound I heard from speakers. Almost a week now
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      2. Bill Bauer
        Bill Bauer
        For what it's worth, I had had the exact same thing (exposure to a split second loud high pitch sound from my speakers) happen to me on more than one occasion, and eventually I would always end up getting back to my baseline.
        Aug 23, 2020
      3. akirakurosawa
        Shasta, did your spike ever go down?
        Nov 3, 2020
      4. shasta0863
        @akirakurosawa Yes. I think damaged ears truly do give these bruises to us, as people call spikes. I always fear its permanent of course, which isn't healthy. But Im more focused on my possible MEM/whatever this vibrating feeling/sound is I have off and on, so it taken my attention away from T and helped. Moving my mind space from one thing to another let me not focus on the T
        Nov 3, 2020
    4. Rackit
      I couldn’t figure out how to reply to your message. But no the sensation never went away. 8 months now.
    5. Lynny
      How have you been?
    6. shasta0863
      So I had a panic attack and/or SVT heart issue at work. Heart racing. Flushed. Recovered at 15min. later left ear gets full and is red. WTF
      1. hurtingdream
        When I have a panic attack my ears always get full and red and really loud T.
        Jan 13, 2019
      2. shasta0863
        @hurtingdream really? Does it remain full for awhile? Mines just not getting any better?
        Jan 13, 2019
      3. hurtingdream
        Mines been full for almost 2 weeks now. It's worse at night and I don't know why.
        Jan 13, 2019
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