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  1. yonkapin
    yeah no worries! pm me whenever. and yeah i use headphones/earphones with no problems
    Aug 18, 2018
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  2. Bill Bauer
    Bill Bauer
    Aug 18, 2018
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  3. Michael Leigh
    Michael Leigh
    Headphones are dangerous for people that have noise induced tinnitus, plain and simple. It is true some people are not affected by headphones but you are taking a risk, every time you use them even at low volume.
    Aug 18, 2018
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  4. Contrast
    regular usage of headphones is a risk tbh, your inner ear's are already damaged. You don't want to kill any more ribbon synapses in your cochlea or cause more hair cell death, do you?
    Aug 19, 2018
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