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  1. jimH
    Very sorry that you have to deal with this additional stress and worry on top of all the other stressors that you've had to deal with lately!
    Mar 31, 2020
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  2. SugarMagnolia
    The elevator is back. My husband went to the grocery store alone cuz I was too afraid. From his description of the store, I'm glad I stayed away. Think: Mad Max goes to Key Food.
    Apr 5, 2020
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  3. New Guy
    New Guy
    In the Northeastern US they encourage us to visit the grocery store alone so only one person in the household gets sick, just in case. I bristle when I see couples in their 60's and 70's shopping together. They shouldn't be shopping at all. (Not saying you're that age... Please don't block me.)
    Apr 14, 2020
  4. SugarMagnolia
    @New Guy Saying we shouldn't be shopping at all is the same as saying we shouldn't be eating at all. Apparently now old people don't deserve food.
    Apr 15, 2020