24/7 Newby, but on the good side I get plenty of me time - arrrggghhhh

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by John Mason, Jan 17, 2015.

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      hi everyone - just found your site, silly hours here in uk, got nothing to do but listen to high pitched 24/7 ringing.

      only thing im looking at from the doctors is loads of anti depressants -- but im not depressed

      anybody tried tai chi or yoga or acupuncture
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      March 2014
      Alright John how long have t?
      If you are in early stages then your body is probably in fight or flight mode
      As hard as it is you need to relax deep breaths...when t is kicking off.

      You May not be depressed but need sleep,so meds might be a short term option and can can take the edge off so you can get adequate rest,but only short term and if you really feel the you need them.

      Or maybe some melatonin which is completely natural.
      Try to get exercise as well to get the endorphins going if you can ,and just give it some time if it doesn't go altogether my just settle into background.there is a lot of good advice on he're and good people.
      keep us posted on how your getting on.

      all the best mate

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