4th of July Red, White and Blues!

Discussion in 'Support' started by BarbaraZ, Jul 5, 2019.

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      Well, the local cherry bombs etc. have driven me indoors, earplugs, whimpering in the corner for the evening. About 5 hours more of intermittent explosions, with the peak about 4 hours from now.

      I have something interesting, though. This came over my Flipboard today: https://www.flagstaffbusinessnews.com/hyperacusis-hearing-that-is-too-good-2/

      I'm not sure why it's in that particular paper, but it seems like positive exposure.
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      Yep, same here. So far it hasn't been as bad as last year. Ground fireworks around in the neighborhood are one thing, but last year I had a neighbor setting off illegal areal fireworks directly over my house. Those were LOUD.

      The worst thing about the 4th isn't the night itself, but never knowing when fireworks are going to go off in the next few days.
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      We had neighbors setting of some ridiculously loud rockets at what sounded like street level. I measured them and while they were only about 70 peak dB(C) inside the house, I still definitely felt affected by them afterward. Perhaps it was the full-spectrum range of sound that did it plus the impact sound, because the actual real decibel level wasn't "that" loud.

      Still much better here than my experience in Washington, DC, though, where people would set off these insanely loud mortars on the street for DAYS, both before and after the 4th. If you were lucky you could see them as they lit them and avoid or cover your ears, but they were honestly so loud that they would shake our apartment building when we were inside, from a good block away. My H wasn't as bad then and I only had the misfortune of encountering one on the street that caused pain (from about two blocks away!)--I'm guessing those mortars were at least 160 or 170 dB for anyone standing nearby.
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