8 Days of Tinnitus. It Feels Like I'm Recovering (Need Some Advice)

Discussion in 'Support' started by nike_madness, Jul 13, 2015.

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      First of all, I'm not saying I'm 100% cured (it certainly feels like I'm getting there, though), BUT.. My T. has gone down BIG time! My first few days I could totally and clearly hear annoying frogs doing the ribbit sound, locusts/crickets chirping, etc I also had multi-tone sounds, but they've gone away. Nowadays I don't really hear any sounds, just a very low,very faint ring, rumble in the very, very back of my ears. I recently found out I can listen to music (not on headphones yet) loud, enjoy watching movies, listen to the radio etc without any disruptive ringing. I remember one time my mom came vacuuming my room, and my ears went CRAZY! It doesn't do that anymore, though.. Or I remember being close to the loud washer/dryer.. it was so strong that the vibration followed me upstairs! It didn't go away til the laundry was done. BUT, I've realized that it doesn't do that anymore! I can stand close to it and my ears won't pick up the sound. I don't think my T. was ever severe, some of the people who have been messaging me say it sounds 'mild' (from my description of course) A lot of people describe it as agonizing high dog bill whistles, and stuff like that. Mine has never been loud. (lets hope it doesn't go that route)

      I see an ENT on Thursday/Friday. I stopped taking Cipro, and I'm finally back on my meds (I think I went through benzo-withdrawal)
      What can I expect from the ENT, and from what I've described, do you think this is naturally fading away and will eventually go away? For anyone here in my current situation, or if you've been through something similar, your feedback would be welcome (of course anyone can reply) :)

      I don't feel as paranoid from the first few days when I was going through this. I refuse to let this T. get the upper hand, I'm not gonna stay inside (I refuse to) so I'm out and about! Life is way too short. Soo, hopefully I'm on the path to recovery!
    2. Hopefully yours has subsided for good but never be too sure and don't build yourself up for a fall. My advice is to not get too excited when you don't hear it and don't be too depressed when you do. I've thought mine was gone and then the next morning it was back. Others have had a week or more without symptoms just to have it return. T is known to have many peaks and valleys. Good luck.

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