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      I've posted on this great forum before but I'd really appreciate some opinions on what's going on.

      A summary of symptoms:

      - No previous problems with ears and not a huge amount of exposure to loud noise.

      -Symptoms developed approx 6 months ago very quickly. The symptoms were a feeling of fullness in my ears, facial pain, tinnitus, muffled hearing and generally feeling unwell/tired. These symptoms did develop about a day after listening to some audio through headphones. I don't believe the noise to have been loud but it was a bad recording and full of loud peaks. No immediate symptoms and I mention for the sake of completeness.

      -Above symptoms resolved within a week except for the tinnitus. The tinnitus was high pitched, constant and was not present for the first 5 minutes on waking.

      -Over the next month I occasionally suffered from mild hyperacusis (sensitive to high pitched noises).

      - I also had a weird fluttering sensation in my ear. For example, on waking the fluttering would be synchronous with the beeping of the alarm.

      -Tinnitus started to fade after about 6 weeks to the point where I could barely hear it. From then on, I have gone in a cycle with a loudish noise (i try to avoid them of course but alas this is difficult) which seems to cause my tinnitus to come back for two weeks and then slowly resolves.

      -I get ear pain when my ears are cold.

      In terms of medicals:

      - Went to see an ent who had no idea what was going on (gp initially thought it was an ear infection - i knew better of course!).
      - Had audiograms come back with good hearing (although from what I've read on here that may not be particularly revealing).

      Anyone got any idea what's going on here? Acoustic shock? TTTS?

      Any thoughts are most welcome and apologies in advance for the length of this post.

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