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      Hi T family,

      Been a damn long time since I been here as been doing really well T wise most of the time. Unfortunately I've had a few other health issues that make the T seem pretty insignificant (no offence to any members who are really struggling and have T louder than me)

      So I'm back to ask about antidepressants... im dealing with panic disorder, health anxiety and OCD relating to that, and my psychologist thinks it's time to look into some meds.

      Wanting some (hopefully) positive stories from members that are on or have been on AD's. It's pretty ironic that over-googling/researching is one of my OCD symptoms and here I am doing that, but I'd like to be informed before my psychologist discusses things with my doctor and we look towards prescribing. (I'm in Australia so a psychologist can't prescribe, only my general practitioner can)

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      I was on AD at a time about 12 years ago that pretty much saved my life. I took Paxil for primarily OCD than anxiety and depression. Paxil worked really well for me as I did not like Zoloft or Wellbutrin.

      My sister during the summer went through her first real anxiety and nervous break down, and Paxil with klonopin really helped her.

      You will feel better, don't worry.
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      Meniere's Disease
      AD medication will really help you.
      If you have trouble sleeping them make sure it has a sedative effect and not keep you awake.
      Mirtazapine , amitryptaline , nortrnortripaline etc can help sleep.

      Onwards and upwards on your road to recovery and support from the health profession and we can support you too and give you a chin up....lots of love glynis
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      Not known, probably regular ear cleansing/syringing
      Hello Amelia

      ADs wiill help - I would avoid the SSRI family - as they list T as a side effect, but they do make you feel that you don't care about T.

      I am on Amitriptyline - this makes me feel like a normal person and my sleep has improved.and they are not addictive as far as I know.

      Hope this helps.
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    5. 3ri0w

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      Wow is that really true? That they you make you not care about T?
    6. Johnter
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      Hi Amelia me being new to all this as only just diagnosed, i have been given an anti depressant to try as sleeping is an issue. I am also trying to deal with the panic and anxiety issues created by this and and totally agree with the Google ocd. :)
    7. Amelia

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      Thanks everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been back to reply since posting - ive been a bit fragile, but I've have read all your comments.

      I'm yet to discuss AD's further with my GP - I ended up in hospital with pneumonia recently and that was a more pressing issue.

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