Are ear infections more common to get after having tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Grace, Jan 22, 2014.

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      Ever since I got T on November 14 2013, I get this really bad ear pain in my ear.. And my parents keep saying i may have an ear infection but i havent had an ear infection or ear problems since i was really little.. They said i had tubes in my ears. But could this ear pain just be due to the loud exposure that caused my T? And if so will it ever go away? It hurts! And off an on i get the fullness in my ear too which ive heard is common with T.. But the pain is just annoying along with the T ofcorse!
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      Hi Grace: I also have had this problem with ear pain (not to mention the fullness). I went to the ENT, who found no signs of infection... but said such pain, especially if its in one ear, can be caused to teeth grinding or jaw clinching issues, often related to stress.
      He suggested I put a heating pad or something warm on my jaw area and take something OTC (like Aleve) to reduce inflammation for a couple of days and see what it felt like. Sure enough, it went away. He said he often gets patients who think they have ear aches when they actually are having a dental issue.

      By the way: TMJ, which is an issue involving jaw alignment, can be a trigger for tinnitus.

      So: First thing to do is to to an ear doc and make sure you do not have an infection.
      If you don't, you can try what my ENT suggested or ask your doc if he/she thinks it is a good plan.

      If you continue to have the ear pain frequently (which I have not), you need to see a dentist. You probably at least need a dental bite guard, which you wear at night.

      Good luck!
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      Yes I had both pain and fullness after loud noise exposure. The pain was either a warm sensation or pin pricks of pain and was not an infection. It went after a few months, but the ringing although not nearly as annoying persists.

      Look after yourself,

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