Are We Just Sensitive About It?

Discussion in 'Support' started by leelo, May 31, 2014.

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      I know people who has had T and constant, but they never cared about it. People in band ands Djs suffer from it too and they never care to even go to the doctor. Other than severe cases where ppl literally can barely hear other than their T are we just sensitive. I even read new information that some sufferers of T had past history of some depression and anxiety. Do we just need to get over it forreal. Live our life and accept it. My gram gram (God bless her) said she had it all the time at one point and never bother to even get it checked out. She looked at me and said, "You are stronger than this your healthy and young, she have friends dieing from cancer and lupus. I have everything happen to me physically and i still enjoy my life." Should we just Stop all these pills and therapy? Treatments and get over it. With the exception of the severe cases where they hear nothing else. Just curious to hear everyone opinion.
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    2. Floyd Mayweather

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      Loud noise exposure or an ear infection, or maybe a combination :(
      No. No one is over sensitive when it comes to Tinnitus. I think Tinnitus is one of the worst things ever. I never had any depression or emotional issues. I don't worry about anything at all and don't take anything seriously. But ever since I got Tinnitus(around 10 days ago) I was very depressed, worried and stressed and felt like there was nothing to life. I've cheered up recently because my Tinnitus seems to be going. Trust me, we are not over sensitive. The people
      who don't care about having Tinnitus are just careless or robots.
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    3. Mark McDill

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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids

      I agree with @Floyd Mayweather; we are not over sensitive about it. Furthermore, we are not 'just those people that have a history of depression / anxiety'. In fact, I have no history of depression or anxiety; I did twenty in the military, survived several tough deployments and three wars. I'm an avid athlete (competitive), married, college degree, three successful kids, etc. I'm only making a point here (not bragging); but I'm simply not the depressive type (never have been) -- but when my T hit me like a freight train last year I was very depressed and anxious (beyond all reason)! It took me down to zero in no time flat (2x nervous breakdowns within 4 weeks).

      T is a beast when it hits you; I've habituated (took me a year) so it's not that big a deal to me now -- but it was vastly different a year ago. At the onset, T forces your brain into fight / flight mode (it can make you stay there for a while); this causes extreme anxiety, resulting emotional fatigue and depression. I remember those days -- ugh!

      In one sense it's true, we need to 'just get over it and accept it' -- but that process takes a while; no way does it just happen overnight. No one should tell you to simply 'toughen up, stop your whining'; that is a clear indication they don't understand.

      We understand and can help you get back on your feet! Life does, in fact, go on post T, it just takes a while and you have to take the right steps (and be very patient with yourself and your T).

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    4. Kathi

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      HFHL and stress
      No, we are not just over sensitive although some ENTs might like us to believe that. My first ENT told me that I was more anxious than the diagnosis warranted. Obviously he doesn't have to live with noise in his head/ear.

      If I could have just stopped all the pills and therapy and just got on with life, I would have. The therapy and the meds helped me to reach a place where I have a life and I am grateful for that.
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    5. pef

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      I'm not an overly sensitive type of guy, but my T did throw me for a loop when I first got it.

      And many of us here are no longer bothered by our T, but remember how difficult it was to adjust. I check in on the board every once in a while to offer advice to people who have just acquired T, and to tell them it will get better. When I first got T I could not imagine being where I am now - and after 15 months T is a non-issue.

      Are there people here who were basket cases before they got T? Yeah, probably. But most here, I suspect, were not. Some people just react differently to certain things.

      Besides, if you are having a tough time - even temporarily - and you need to communicate with others that share your condition, why not take the 30 seconds to walk to your computer and post on the forum?
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    6. kenny

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      What amazes me is the amount of people I have known over the years, family ,friends etc who have tinnitus and have never mentioned it, personally I am now coping well 8 months inn, but yes at first it put me in my arse for sure, I take magnesium, zinc, and St. John's wort, and wear a bio flow magnetic bracelet, if any of that make a difference I don't know, but my tinnitus has certainly got quiter.
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    7. Sound Wave

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      Probably headphones
      I would tend to agree with leelo - we are more sensitive than others who also have T. And that's fine. People are different.
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    8. Grace
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      Yup we all have the same fear--- T! But thats okay cause its a life journey that we will all go through and get on with life! Were all strong, some may not know it yet but the future is looking good for us either way :)
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