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Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by Zug, Oct 16, 2015.

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    1. Zug

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      Hi guys,

      As I wrote in another thread, one of the first things I did when I decided to start to "crawl out of the pit" when I first got tinnitus was to make a Donation to ATA. I'm not American, but I figured that if they can put William Shatner on TV talking about this, maybe it's good for raising awareness and lobbying the American government for research funds. I know they are small and limited, but I figured I wouldn't "cure" tinnitus by staying depressed all day, so I could help in my way and try to get back to my life.

      I also got interested in TRI, they seem more research oriented. They have a link on their website for donations, but not much else in terms of "where the money goes".

      I don't know if that's because I have a business background, but I think both organizations could improve on transparency...

      Anyway, I'd like to know about your experiences with tinnitus organizations. Do you support any of them? What do you think about their objectives and actions? Maybe this thread could be a good reference for those of us who want to help "the cause" of finding better treatments of T (personally it allows me to follow up on advice given to me to "go back" to my life and still feel I'm doing something about T).
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      Who knows?
      I have the same questions. I am considering calling ATA and asking them some questions about their operations and strategic goals before I donate. If there are any questions you'd like me to ask, let me know. @attheedgeofscience seems to know more about TRI, which I saw in another post.
      I think we'd all benefit from more knowledge about all the organizations involved in T research and advocacy.
    3. Zug

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      Hi @Joshua . All I could discover about TRI is that some rich person got Tinnitus and decided to provide the seed money for it. I don't remember where I read it and can't say if it's true.

      About ATA, I couldn't even find how many active members they have, where do their money come from, etc. I found some information here.
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      not sure, but probably acoustic trauma
      I am not American either, but these details hold no relevance to me. I became an ATA member a couple of weeks ago. So did with the BTA. I just wanted to get as much information as possible, without wasting my time on the tons of trash that is scattered on the internet, sussing out all these vultures trying to make a quick buck offering snake oil.

      And as soon as I can I will buy the lifetime membership on these forums. It's just a few bucks for each. If I'll ever win big at the lottery, I swear I will finance research as much as I can. Until then, I gotta start somewhere.

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