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      September 30, 2015

      Auris Medical the First Corporate Sponsor of Tinnitus Talk

      Dear Tinnitus Talk Community,

      Back in early 2011, less than a year after acquiring tinnitus himself, @Markku noticed how most of the existing tinnitus resources lacked something that he would have wanted to see and experience. As a person who likes to challenge himself, he decided to embark on a journey to creating Tinnitus Talk. The site was launched in March, 2011.

      During the first year members such as @Karen and @erik joined who continue to be great contributors and moderators to this date.

      Some two years later @Steve H, who had been planning an online tinnitus resource for quite some time himself, came across Tinnitus Talk. A variety of wonderful and supportive members and a pleasant interface and user experience made him want to sign up with the site. @Markku, who couldn't help but notice @Steve H's skills and similar goals, started a conversation with him. Later on, the thousands of messages between them turned into a partnership.

      Now the site has evolved into an even larger undertaking than could ever have been imagined and we are currently building the next, revolutionary step of Tinnitus Talk; the Tinnitus Hub. The plan is to launch Tinnitus Hub later this year or early next year.

      Today we — @Markku, @Steve H and the rest of the staff — would like to take this moment and announce Tinnitus Talk's first official corporate sponsor to support our endeavors here.

      We are very pleased to announce Auris Medical as our first sponsor. Many of you may know them for the ongoing AM-101 clinical trials.

      We thank member @attheedgeofscience for initiating contact with Auris Medical, a step which facilitated a relationship between @Markku and Thomas that eventually grew into the sponsorship we have arrived at today.

      The stringent ethics, methods and scientific rigor Auris Medical are widely recognized for make us proud to be sponsored by them.

      Thomas Meyer, CEO of Auris Medical, states the following:​

      When Auris Medical was founded in 2003, there wasn't a lot of information available on tinnitus. Also, there was hardly any research going on. Seeing how annoying or even debilitating tinnitus can be and realizing how many people are affected by it, we started our AM-101 project and jumped into the "cold water". We have come a long way since, and if all goes well, AM-101 may become the first drug that will be approved for treating certain types of tinnitus. And there will be more to come. Today, there is so much more tinnitus research going on world-wide. And we have learned a lot more about how tinnitus is triggered and on how it may be treated or at least become more manageable.

      In only a short time, Tinnitus Talk has become a leading information resource for a fast growing number of people suffering from tinnitus around the world. Providing a forum for the exchange of experiences and advice and a platform for frank and open discussions is extremely helpful especially since there exist still way too many myths and misperceptions about tinnitus. We at Auris Medical are happy and proud to support as a sponsor the maintenance and further development of Tinnitus Talk.

      What does it mean to have a sponsor? Will anything change? What does that mean to you, our valued members and visitors?

      The answer is that very little will change. To thank Auris Medical for their sponsorship, which will allow us to further develop the forthcoming Tinnitus Hub and support the tinnitus community, we have placed their logo on the bottom of the front page of Tinnitus Talk.

      Likewise, Auris Medical has placed a "Proud Sponsor of Tinnitus Talk" logo on their website which will help to lead researchers and sufferers to Tinnitus Talk.

      Our members can also expect to partake in future Q&A sessions with Auris Medical facilitated by us.

      All along we have been diligent in maintaining Tinnitus Talk's impartiality and integrity. No sponsor, current or future one, of Tinnitus Talk will ever have any influence over how we run the website. That's the cornerstone of what we are about; to provide an impartial resource to our readers and community members.

      We are also open to considering other companies and organizations as our sponsors in the future. We do have strict criteria in place to make sure that our sponsors can only be of the standard that our members would expect from us.

      Our members and any organizations interested in learning more about the criteria can visit the following page:
      Terms & Conditions for Tinnitus Talk Supporters

      Finally, we want to thank our current and future individual Benefactors. Thank you for seeing value in what we offer here and for sharing our vision.

      Exciting times are ahead of us and we are grateful for each of you sharing this journey with us.

      @Markku, @Steve H, and the staff of Tinnitus Talk
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