Balance Issues and Tinnitus / Hyperacusis

Discussion in 'Support' started by Flexi, Jun 20, 2014.

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      Hi guys.
      I have balance Issues and have H and T in one ear and fleeting T in the other ear occasinally.
      Balance issues are very mild but seem to be worse if ive had no sleep. If im sat down there is no problem with balance.

      Does anyone else have these issues. Do you think i have AN.
      Im really scared and anxious in case its AN after checking symptoms on google.
      I had an ENT appointment recently who have ordered mri in a couple of months time. Also had audiogram that showed no hearing loss.

      Anxiety is at an all time high.
      Please help.
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      Can you be more specific in regards to what AN is? Do you mean acoustic neuroma?

      I don't think all your symptoms necessarily match AN (I would expect you to have headaches/migraines), but I agree that it is best to get checked out. Doctors are not always brilliant with T but they are hyper alert to any sign of something like AN, so if there is something there I am sure they will locate it.

      Until you have the MRIs I would try not to worry about it. If you find any of your symptoms worsening, go to the hospital as an emergency and see if they can do one then. You don't know whether you have AN or not and I must stress it is incredibly rare. Try to focus on keeping calm and relaxed. I know it is hard, especially with your issues. I would advise trying to do something you enjoy to take your mind off this, particularly off AN. As I said before it is incredibly rare to get this, so in all likelihood you will be fine.
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      Bacterial virus
      Hi everyone this afternoon,Hi Flexi,I to have balance issue,have had for 3 years,mine is worse when I walk,sitting not to bad,okay to for driving,I've got a rocking/ swaying motion going 24/7. Had an eye test back in January,optician said it was the tinnitus doing it.Today my ears are giving my anxiety levels a nudge upwards,they are low ,the tinnitus seems to go inwards,hard to explain unless this is happening to another with balance issue with the tinnitus,maybe you recognise this,same applies if to high,same worsening to my balance.,never a good day.I also suffer allergies which again no help to my situation,as I have rhinitis,and the pollen count in the UK has been high for few days.which in turn gives me bad headaches.Last year I had a neck tumour removed,did ask surgeon if he could get rid of the tinnitus at same time,he said I wish,did tell me to do Reiki for anxiety.Go try that Flexi,maybe your get some help from that.Hope as day goes by you and I both will improve hey,your not on your own ,lots have balance and anxiety with tinnitus so don't over worry,my aunt has it to.It happens. Chin up.xx
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      Hello, I also have balance issue , it started before my Tinnitus, hope it goes away , it is there all the time , I take sometning call vertigoheel, it helps it somewhat. I did do an mri, and my head is fine, did all kinds of test , doc. did not find anything , hoping this all goes away..when did yours start? do you take anything for it? Take care

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