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      The other day, out of frustration with my ear ringing and feeling clogged from allergies, I pulled on my external left ear canal rather rapidly and experienced a little bit of muffled hearing and tinnitus. Thinking it was still just fluid moving around, later that night I placed my finger on top of my earflap in front of my ear canal and pressed down, with moderate force, into my ear canal. Instantly my hearing was muffled in the left ear, the tinntus started up loud, and I had moderate, stabbing pain in the ear and hyperacusis. It is getting worse to this day, despite treatment with prednisone.
      Note that a similar thing happened to my right ear, this time by complete accident from pressing upward right underneath my ear canal with only moderate pressure.

      Does this sound like inner ear barotrauma???
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      Hi Lauren, It's hard to say what would constitue barotruama. Depending on the force you exerted it could be, though I feel like you would have been more likely to rupture your ear drum doing what you did. I actually did something similar the other day and all I experienced was a fleeting sharp pain. Has this improved at all for you? Since you had allergies which could swell your eustachian tubes, it could be that your middle ear was just unable to equalize the pressure and this will hopefully dissipate.

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