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Are you a donor to hearing research or considering to become one?

  1. Yes, I made a one-time donation

  2. Yes, I'm a recurring donor

  3. No, but I'm considering it

  4. No, I'm not going to donate

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    1. Vinnitus

      Vinnitus Member Benefactor

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      Acoustic Trauma
      After being around here for some few months now, I figured that instead of sitting on my bum waiting for the much fabled "habituation" to happen, I might as well do something constructive to the benefit of all Tinnitus sufferers.

      I'm considering donating some money to a deserving party in the field of solving this horrible affliction. Considering it's even harder now to acquire money than before Tinnitus popped up it's ugly head, I have some requirements. I would like to donate to a party that:
      • Focuses on CURATIVE research rather than developing managing techniques. I think, while the managing techniques might help for some, it is a waste of money better spend on actually making progress. The good news coming from this has a much higher therapeutic value to me than e.g. TRT could ever provide.
      • Doesn't just reel in money to feed their board members, but does actual research and not just maintaining the status quo (this one might be tough to determine).
      • Has the best chance to deliver results/breakthrough on the shorter term rather than the longer term (might also be tough to determine).
      As far as I know, there are five "big" parties active in the field, of which the first three sound promising.
      • Action on Hearing Loss.
      • Hearing Health Foundation.
      • Tinnitus Research Initiative.
      • ATA.
      • BTA.
      Did I miss any? Thoughts or ideas? Also, please state what your thoughts are about contributing to this cause.
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    2. Ears Hurt

      Ears Hurt Member

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      Whiplash or Buzzer (abuse from ex)
      I am a donor to Action on Hearing Loss. I tend to support both Action on Hearing Loss and Hearing Health Foundation.
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    3. Zug

      Zug Member Benefactor

      Tinnitus Talk ;)
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    4. attheedgeofscience
      No Mood

      attheedgeofscience Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      Head Injury
      You could also donate to TinnitusTalk by becoming a benefactor. Certainly, in the past, TinnitusTalk has enjoyed pretty high ratings on the social media (i.e. ratings:follower-ratio) compared with other similar organizations. See for yourself. So money well spent by donating to TT if you ask me.

      Thoughts? If each and every person who visits TinnitusTalk would donate just one dollar annually, there would be more than one million dollars to create awareness with. "One dollar" should be a manageable donation for just about any individual.

      Most of the organizations you list do a decent job with the means they have. On the whole, they could perhaps focus slightly more on the social media angle (than they currently do).

      The problem is that they have too little money to play around with. The reason non-profits have too little money is because 1) tinnitus sufferers do not donate nearly enough and 2) health authorities do not take it prioritize it. And so with that in mind, tinnitus most likely will not enter the spotlight until a sufficient critical mass of the younger population starts to be affected by it and in such a way that it affects not only themselves but also society as a whole (i.e. "cost to society").

      So... don't expect anything too exciting to be happening in the near future. It will be a slow process where the "pain" slowly develops over time until - perhaps - tinnitus starts to become a sufficiently big problem to "everyone" (as a result of the "iPod generation"). Of course when and if that happens, the average health professional will be powerless (and clueless) as to what to do. You cannot really expect much else from public servants.
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    5. Markku

      Markku Director Staff Benefactor Hall of Fame Team Tech Team Research Team Awareness

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      Tinnitus Research Initiative is one worthy of support:

      The administrative expenses of TRI are covered by the founder, therefore we can guarantee you, that your donation will exclusively be used to support tinnitus research across borders and disciplines.
    6. Samantha R

      Samantha R Member Benefactor

      Geelong Australia
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      @Markku thanks for that information. I'm going to set up a regular monthly donation.
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    7. Rubenslash

      Rubenslash Member

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      Ototoxicity & Lyme Disease

      I believe that ATA, BTA etc waste a lot of money on overhead costs (only about 50% of donations goes to research) and stuff like 'CBT', 'TRT' etc. Better directly donate to researchers.
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    8. lymebite
      Vegged out

      lymebite Member Benefactor

      United States
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      For people with hyperacusis, Hyperacusis Research is the only non-profit dedicated to that affliction.

      Funds are desperately needed because there is very little research to find therapies for hyperacusis. As woefully underfunded as tinnitus is, the situation with hyperacusis is even more challenging.

      Donations can be made online and are tax-deductible as allowed by law:
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    9. Daniel Kiss

      Daniel Kiss Member

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      Hi everyone,

      I would like to start donating for an organisation that tries to find a cure too and I see a lot of suggestions but I'm still hesitant because I don't see proof.

      I think we as the sufferers of these incurable illnesses should find out where we should donate to best help our cause and we should all donate to a selected few organisations that have the best chance of finding a cure.

      Anyone interested helping me with this?
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    10. Paul10

      Paul10 Member

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      Can't we just bombard Bill Gates with e-mails and snail-mails to pump a billion dollars into research? What a billion dollars to the richest guy on earth!
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    11. Bidyut saha

      Bidyut saha Member

      73000 chambery, France
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      Wish to donate but no way really :)

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