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    1. Hi everyone. It all started with a bang on the head, my hearing disappeared in my left ear and I was left with 30% in my right and then came the tinnitus.

      I own and run Steps to Wellness (www.stepstowellness.co.uk), a on line directory for health provision within the UK, I work from home and my employees are contacted through Skype, email, chat rooms and phone calls. I find that I can either burry the tinnitus to the back of my mind at work or use it to engage sleep.

      Imagine you have to work with someone who has a voice tone that drives you insane, what do you do? Deal with it by accepting the situation and you will succeed however if you become annoyed you will only find yourself wound up and detesting anything they do. Accept it or fight it hell, cure it if you can but if you fight it your memory tells you its there all the time. I accept it and stay busy concentrating on things productive rather than the tinnitus. At night if it is playing up I listen to it and fall asleep or play some game on my mobile and drift off.

      On my website you will find therapists that can advise you (and no doubt better than me) so if my advice is not your scene contact someone who can help on there, from what I have read from peoples blogs on this site Craniosacral Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and others have given people success in lowering the sound, find them on my site with over 2300 on board to date I dont doubt you will find someone in or around your area.

      All the best on your efforts.

      Jason Roberts.

    2. Svein

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      Hi Jason!
      Sorry about your hearing!:( I have some hearing loss in both ears, though not more than normal for my age - 59. And my t is a constant whine and hiss.
      I have a question about walking as exercise. I had a heart attack two years ago. Before that I had exercised on and off, but not much, and not for several years. I was basically a lazy gut, and I weighed about 250 pounds. (Now down to 220).
      So I decided to start walking. I walked 1150 km in 2009, and 1610 km - 1000 miles - in 2010.
      I feel a lot better in many ways, of course, but tinnitus is still very much there. And the problem I had before t - strain in my neck and shoulders - is not getting any better.
      So: Is walking enough exercise, or should I vary more? I try walking with poles, but I don't like them. And maybe I walk to much on asphalt roads and not on forest track. (I usually start my walks at home, I don't want to drive the car to the nearest forest - environmental footprint and all that).
      As you see, I'm probably on to an answer already:) ?
      What do you think?

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