Confused About Condition and Results... Please Help Me Understand

Discussion in 'Support' started by Keith D Mitchell, Dec 4, 2015.

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      When I originally went to an ENT, they gave me two audio tests; hearing and the other one, I forget what it's called. But basically it showed that my hair cells did have some damage which prevents me from hearing certain frequenices outside of 8K. I don't understand that as I can hear up to 16K using the hearing tests on youtube and android apps. Now, that said that was when I originally got my Tinnitus and before I started taking Amoxcillian.

      Yesterday I went to a different ent as I wasn't happy how the other ent treated me and they explained the deal, what was happening and what needs to happen. IN a nutshell, they explain that the test did some the damage, which is/could be causing the "T". What I don't see is if they were damaged and luikely it was before the onset, why did I not experience "T" before.

      They went on to explain that I need to avoid looking for the "T" and to avoid quiet places when possible. By now I'm still upset about the "T", but I'm getting used to it. Still can't tell why it's on and off though or why it seemed to get better.

      What confuses me though is my GP did see some infection which is why I got the meds. I wonder if I should have had them give me another deeper test, but I didn't see the need. I can hear fine, I have zero hearing loss that I can tell, I can still hear things most people can't (my kids say I have supermans's hearing). Yet, my did my "T" move from the right to my left? Did I start to habitaite on that ear or is it just dumb luck? Why did I start to have fullness in my ears, I didn't think hair cell damage did that. Clear liquid in my ears, etc.

      Ever since my offset, it's getting better and better, days when I get up, I hear it, then it goes away, then comes back but not as loud. I'm not looking for hope, I've accepted that I have it and now it's just the learning process of coping and moving on. Does "T" caused by damaged hair cells get better over time, worse? Up in the air?

      I am definitely have more good / better days or days that are easier to cope with than before. maybe the ear infection aggravated what I already had?

      Thanks gang!
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      Hi Keith,
      Great to hear your tinnitus is improving for you.
      Time is a great healer and hope it remains that way.
      Their are lots of reasons for tinnitus and it can fluctuate and come and go and change sound and strength and move to one ear or both or head and hard predict peoples future but for now you seem in the right track...lots of love glynis

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