Considering Puncturing My Eardrum

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by canihearyounow, Jul 3, 2016.

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      Hi, I am new to this group, having just joined because I'm thinking about puncturing my eardrum to get rid of the roaring in my right ear that I've suffered for over six years now.
      I lost all my hearing in that ear April 16, 2010 for no reason that my doctor could find. That is also when the roaring started. I have lived with it since then in the hopes that someone some way could restore my hearing, but I know it won't happen now.
      Because if I speak the truth this has caused many problems in my life and continue to do so, and codeine reducing my focus my concentration and my ability to work. I just have to be with rid of it so I'm thinking of having my doctor punch in my eardrum so that I do not have to live with this waterfall roaring in my ear 24/7. I joined because I want to see if anyone else has done this and to get some input. Any thoughts on the matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    2. Ecip

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      Still unknown... possibly noise exposure?
      That would be a very bad idea and I don't think the doctor would go for it. Do you even know if your ear drum is causing your roaring? Have you seen an ENT? What tests have been performed?
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      Are you trying to quit codeine? These thoughts you are having could be 'just' because of quitting codeine. Please don't puncture your eardrum!
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      Meniere's Disease
      Do you have enough hearing to work a hearing aid in it to help mask it ?

      Even though you can hear tinnitus in your ears it comes from your brain so punchinv them won't help even nerve cut won't stop it.

      I have sever Bilateral tinnitus and my hearing goes from 50db at 250 ,50db at 500 ,60db at 1k and 2k ,70db at 4k.
      I wear duel purpose hearing aids to help my hearing and just takes the edge off my tinnitus.
      I have a white noise sound with amplification if need it in quiet areas.

      Tinnitus can be real mental torture and understand how you feel.
      Lots of love glynis
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    5. M Franzblau MD

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      I wouldn't puncture your eardrum. Tinnitus is not caused by anything in the middle ear. Nor is it caused by the Cochlea or the Eight nerve. No one knows the cause of Tinnitus. Everyone has their own pet theory.
      It is said that figures never lie but liars figure.
      That said, it sounds, no pun intended, as if you are in dire straits. I commiserate with you.
      Have you had an MRI? Sudden, unilateral loss of hearing with no obvious external cause suggests something internal and neurological. That said unilateral loss of hearing can in rare circumstances be of a psychological origin. I always recommend work up the organic first. Then look to the psychological for positive signs not as the last resort throwaway diagnosis.
      Codeine has many effects including relief of pain. Side effects can be a problem.
      I hope this is helpful.
      Michael Franzblau, MD
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    6. Richard zurowski

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      Ear infection.
      @canihearyounow . Hi if you damage your ear drum in anyway believe me it's going to be a whole lot worse.
    7. Paromita

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      April 2016
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      Not sure, maybe dental and facial nerve
      No please do not puncture your ear drum! Listen to all this wonderful people, they know what they are saying...
      I have heard chiros can help at times, even with hearing loss....did you try any ?
    8. Dominic1955

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      Idiopathic hearing loss
      Tinnitus comes from different area of the brain not the ear, usually multiple sites in the brain as noted on functional MRI, it's not an ear problem, if it was I would have my cochle removed and my auditory nerve severed. Unfortunately you may still have tinnitus
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      A rumbling or roaring tinnitus can be from eustachian tubes that are closed too forcefully or from a cochlea that is getting pressure sensations thrown at it from the middle ear. If you have pressure in the ear maybe it's the former, and if you have dizziness maybe it's the latter. But you could have neither pressure nor dizziness. It can be from hearing issues inside the cochlea where hearing is redirected into a lower frequency rumble that could in itself be a chain of reactions started in the middle ear but cutting off the ear doesn't help just makes it worse. I'm talking with very little real knowledge and these are only hypotheses, and some people are looking into them. But better those hypotheses than asking for someone to puncture your eardrum. Why don't you try the laser threads, it's supposed to target the cochlea.
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    10. Tetra

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      I have been using my noise everyday for a month or more and it is great lots of on line sounds and great fun to play with , i am telling everyone to try it , had this ringing for 50 years and my noise works for me , singing bowls and sleeping dragon are my favs
    11. Vaba

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      Unknown. Gradual, Progressive
      Puncturing your eardrum will do nothing for tinnitus. In fact, inducing MORE auditory damage will likely make it WORSE.

      Even going SO FAR as to have your auditory nerve SEVERED will likely not stop or reduce tinnitus. Many people have tried.
    12. trancerobot

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      I believe a small puncture is how I originally got tinnitus. So... don't do that. Leave the surgery up to the doctors.

      Since you don't have hearing in that ear anymore, perhaps you can get surgery? If your ENT/doctors don't help you with this I'd try to find another one, losing your hearing completely is crazy. In my opinion, they should be giving you MRIs, proposing surgeries, that sort of thing. With it being so sudden and total, it could be a symptom greater problems.
    13. japongus

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      Punctured eardrums no, but insertion of grommets has been related to improvements of eustachian tube dysfunction and/or hyperacusis, and roaring tinnitus has been linked to both those conditions. Granted, that's not a direct link, but things could be getting closer to a solution.
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