Could I Have Meniere's?

Discussion in 'Support' started by derpytia, Jan 17, 2015.

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      Progressive hearing loss / noise / ETD
      So recently on top of my fleeting tinnitus I've been getting these moments of dizziness. Not vertigo or feeling like I'm gonna fall over but like just in my head it feels a bit woozy and I can't move for a few moments cause everything just feel so off. But my T was caused by loud music so how can it develop into Meniere's?
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      meniere is not a disease or syndrome.
      Meniere is a descriptive word that includes tinnitus (not from noise/acoustic trauma)/fluctuating hearing/rotary vertigo/drop attacks not all symptoms exists concurrently.
      Of course the cause of these symptoms that some call meniere is mysterious and the real cause is difficult to discover.
      Sometimes if someone search very good with all existing exams take medications for diagnostic reasons
      and make good observations can find the real cause and cure the cause.
      For example the symptoms "meniere" can be caused by allergy by infection of virus or bacteria by autoimmune disease
      from stress from poisoning from trauma and the list is very big...
    3. Jesse Pinkman

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      Then why is it called Menieres disease?énière's_disease

      Its not likely you have menieres. The dizzyness is most likely from depression and anxiety
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids
      Sorry to hear you are having these moments (ugh!). I would echo @Jesse Pinkman , Meniere's is a disease; but I would also add it's very difficult to diagnose. Some moments of dizziness can be explained by many things (depression and anxiety included); there is no reason to conclude Meniere's (way too premature). Energy levels and fluid imbalance have a lot more to do with balance issues; I'd check those first.

    5. Marcini

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      You come out with some crazy nonsense.

      The dizziness certainly sounds anxiety related. I get it too from time to time and have done for a while. Sadly I have no solutions but it's not a big problem.
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      menieres is really bad room spinning that is not you... you may have blocked eustachian tubes or TMJ (jaw joint ) issues.
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      Menieres makes you go deaf on one of your ears and you get serious attacks in which u vomit and cannot stop spinning, is relatively rare to have menieres and its over diagnosed. You off balance spin off is probably anxiety and serious neck tension, does your neck hurt?

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