Could This Be a Spike??

Discussion in 'Support' started by Maia, May 26, 2016.

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      Hi so it's been almost exactly a month since I got tinnitus from an ear infection/hearing loss in general. In the past 4 weeks my ear infection has gone away and my tinnitus has ranged from a morse code beeping to a high pitched twinge/ring sound, to a hallow sound and back. I'm trying to get used to it but when it changes every 3 days it's kinda hard - I'm trying to stay positive though!!

      So in that time I've gone to 3 concerts and have worn protection all 3 times. After leaving my ear rang loud until I fell asleep and woke up feeling normal.

      Well Monday I woke up with a massive migraine and ended up throwing up from it, so I took an Aleve (only 200mg, I know any more could cause my T to spike drastically) and tried to work. I've noticed ever since the Aleve it's been more high pitched and I can't really mask it with anything (usually watching TV or listening to music on a low volume would mask it) but now only if I'm preoccupied or at work where I always have background noise it's quiet.

      I went to a concert on Tuesday and wore protection and my ears aren't AS LOUD as they were after the show but they've still been ringing pretty loud, like I said.

      Could it be the migraine that caused the spike or the Aleve? And how long does it usually last for you? It's just bothersome because it's extremely high pitched and it's been giving me a headache trying to just function.

      Speaking of headaches my ENT says that Tylenol is one of the only things I can take to deal with them (even though the caffeine can cause my T to get worse, even though I haven't noticed it yet when drinking coffee). Has anyone had any experience with Tylenol and T?

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      Music. Balloon. Genetic.
      One month in, 3 concerts. Just give your ears a long rest, please.

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