Could Tinnitus Be a Result of an Intersection of Stress, Noise and Back and Neck Pain

Discussion in 'Support' started by Pi_Student, Jun 23, 2016.

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      Back and neck pain:exposure to loud noise:hostile work env't

      I moved to Finland as an international student 7 years a go. I completed my college degree here. At the moment, I’m doing my masters while working part-time in the postal sorting center.

      Context :-

      I have been working part time in the postal sorting center in the last four years. It is an environment where there is a lot of noise. But most of all i had a very unpleasant time working there. I haven’t had an easy time working there. I was greeted with lots of false accusations and unwelcome gesture by my own fellow immigrant country people who had been working there for long and knew everyone there. I don’t want to circumscribe the situation only to an affair with my own immigrant group. There is also an element of discrimination and favoritism in that place of work. While working there i’ve received threatening patches placed on my lock which was covered by the state news channel; I was discriminated and overworked which was also mentioned in the state news article . I’ve been falsely accused for which the management took only symbolic or no measures at all. Lots of shits happened to me there. I have complained to the occupational health unit, Police and trade unions about this time and again. But, they don’t care or nothing changes except that it got worth and worth.

      Health issues

      There has been times that i experienced instantaneous Tinnitus and spinning when i was subjected to fast paced bending down, lifting boxes up, turning around and dropping boxes and continue the cycle. There is of course a lot of noise in the work enviroment but i’ve always used ear protection which totally insulated the noise from outside. Since march 24 2016, i’ve started expiriancing Tinnitus in the left ear, a little bit of vertigo and losing of balance. I’m confused . I don’t know if it’s Tinnitus or Mender’s deases.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Only time will tell if it's Menieres as it's a disease that deteriorates over time .
      I have had Menieres many years now.
      It can take a while to diagnose depending on symptoms and tests.
      It sounds like you have had a tough time and everyone should feel safe and happy in their work place.
      You have found a lovely support forum so keep posting for round the clock support.....lots of love glynis

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