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    1. Well i think this kid is deserving a thread of his own. I must say that i am pretty amazed by his efforts in here.

      Since we have Dannyboy aka Dr Keppra on board the use of other doctors is not very important, they seems to drop of one by one anyway.

      When it comes to medicins he has first hand experience of all drugs there is, he is lika a walking pharmaceuptical encylopedia.

      When it comes to natural remedies he is even better. He knows if you should take smoked polar bear crap or roasted elk penis against anxiety. When it comes to herbs he knows about every little leaf or straw of grass there is to find out there.

      Last but not least, CBT, he has the medtational skills of a Tibetan monk and can always give you comfort when needed.

      Stay strong kid(y)
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      He may thinks he know too much, but at least he is positive. No doom and gloom. He found something that helps for his T, and i am happy for him.

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