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      Hello everbody,

      I’ve been experiecing lately some distorted sounds in both ears, specially when listening to TV and radio. I also listen to a sort of code morse when I’m close to a computer fan, car engine and fans. These all started after listening during long periods of time with my headphones (watching movies), probably with loud sound, I can't really say that for sure! Because when you're using headphones, one's perception of the intensity of sound diminuishes, at least for me.

      One night when I took out the headphones, I started hearing a strange sound, pulsatile, coming from the left ear, it sounded like the sword of jedi! It last for more than a hour and something till I felt a sleep. When I awoke up, the sound had aleady gone. I stopped using the headphones for 2 days, but in my mind, the noise coming from the phones wasn't the reason for having this.

      Since it didn't happen again, i started using again. I felt the noise again and I started to think that maybe something was wrong so I decided to go to a ENT. He couldn’t see anything wrong in my outer ears, so he prescribed me some audio tests. During the wait for the tests I felt just nice, so I was considering not to make them. During this period (1 week) I avoided using the headphones. And just a day prior the exams I decided to try using the headphones to see if the noise would appear. The deal was if it appeared I would do the exams, if not, I would skip it. And unfortunetely, it appeared, i can't remember if the sound was too loud, but I don't think so, and it was for something like 30 minutes. On the other day, I started noticing some changes in my hearing, like the sound from the refrigerator that seemed to be a lot louder, sounds on the radio and Tv sounded more edgy and somehow a little distorted. I did the exams and every thing was normal and a little bit above average.????!!!One month as passed and the sympthoms remain present.Anyone experiecing these sympthoms?

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