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Discussion in 'Support' started by chamferman, Jul 21, 2015.

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      I find for me the best way to deal with my Tinnitus when I am not at work is to distract myself. So over the last year I have been looking for ways to distract myself. I have found the more challenging the distraction the less I hear my Tinnitus.

      I have overcome my fear of public speaking by joining a public speaking club which help massively distracting me from Tinnitus.

      I am now looking for ideas on what I could take up next, so any ideas suggestions, stuff that’s worked for you greatly appreciated

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      Angry birds - or angry birds 2.
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      I'm not sure why but I find walking long distances helps me a lot. Also doing things for others like elderly ones who need a bit of help in the house or gardens. I'm pretty distracted all the time as I home school my kids so don't have much time to think about me.

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