Do Not Buy a HomePod or HomePod mini — Siri Automatically Adjusts the Volume

Discussion in 'Support' started by kingsfan, Jul 26, 2021.

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      Just a warning to all you fellow sufferers. On both HomePod versions, Siri automatically adjusts its volume according to the ambient volume in the room it’s located in. Because of this it gets pretty loud. Even after turning the volume down with its controls and through voice command, it immediately turns itself back up on the next interaction.

      Besides that, the alarm volume is LOUD and cannot be adjusted. I found that out the hard way.

      Its volume is also excruciatingly loud when first turning it on.

      I think I was blasted with overly loud sound at least 10 times in the 30 minutes I played with it. It’s back in its box ready to be returned. I only hope the pain my ears are in subsides with no negative and lasting side effects.

      Well I’m off to take some NAC.
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