Do You Have to Be Careful at Removing Earwax?

Discussion in 'Support' started by monnhill, Jul 17, 2017.

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      Do you have to be very careful at removing earwax? Anyone's tinnitus got worse? Or louder after removing the earwax?

      Some people's tinnitus got worse or louder if you're not careful at removing earwax?

      Any proper way of removing earwax?
    2. yonkapin

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      It can be dangerous depending on how it's done.

      To be honest, I don't know the safest way to do it, but I know a lot of the methods used by audiologists and ENTs can be potentially dangerous like using a vacuum, or dangerous chemicals. Ear candling is very dangerous. I think some people use olive oil safey? Not sure though.

      Unless you have excessive wax or an actual blockage then I wouldn't bother. Our bodies are made to get rid of wax naturally.
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    3. Bill Bauer
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      Yes, it can lead to a permanent T spike.

      I heard that you can soften the wax by pouring some special liquid into the ear for several days before the procedure. I don't remember any details.
    4. Sean

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      If I were you I wouldn't use any procedure to remove ear wax ..lot of people's got T because of ear wax removal !
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    5. walkthroughwalls

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      This, basically.

      If you have to have your ears syringed, put some (olive) oil into your ears for a couple of nights. The oil will soften the wax and the wax will either come out by itself or it will make syringing a lot easier. I don't see any reason why the olive oil itself could be harmful.
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    6. Sam Bridge

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      Loud music/gigs probably
      You can use olive oil/ sodium bicarbonate drops, rhis is usually enough to clear the wax on its own after a week or so of use.
    7. Pleasure_Paulie

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      Noise or maybe... unicorns!

      You're supposed to have wax in your ears. Just gentley remove any on the excess on the outside if it bothers you with your finger.
    8. Tweaker

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      Noise exposure
      Find an audiologist who can remove it manually with a Jobson Horne.
    9. AUTHOR

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      I have water and earwax in my ear that will not go on its own and having a hard time to hear.

      I'm worried the doctor may make it worse trying to remove it. I heard curettes is better than the suction process or syringing that doctors like to use that is faster.

      It just I have water and earwax in my ear that will not go. I'm having a hard time to hear.
    10. GregCA

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      Where is the water? If it's in the ear canal (on the outside of the ear drum, where your wax is) then it will drop naturally with gravity if you tilt your head to the side.
      If it's in your middle ear (on the inside of the ear drum), then it is supposed to drain through your eustachian tubes. If it doesn't drain, you may need to have it removed by a doctor through your ear drum, and tubes inserted (so that it doesn't happen again).
    11. Michael Leigh

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      Hi @monnhill @Bill Bauer
      Yes there is a proper way to remove earwax. Please read the post below

      Microsuction and Irrigation.

      The ear is a delicate and sophisticated organ that some people might not give much thought to, as the majority of the time it’s able to take care of itself, until something goes wrong with it. Attached to the side of our head we see the outer ear known as the Pinnia. Beyond this, lies a mystery to many although most people know they have an eardrum also called the tympanic membrane.

      The Pinnia collects sounds from the outside world and funnels them down the narrow passageway inside our head called the ear canal. The sounds are directed onto the eardrum which is situated in the middle ear. The ear canal is lined with wax the medical term cerumen. Small glands in the ears produces the wax and protects the skin of the canal by preventing bacteria, dirt and other foreign substances from entering. Under normal circumstances the wax passes out harmlessly but sometimes a build up can make the ears feel blocked and one might experience hearing loss, itchiness, sometimes pain and even tinnitus.

      If using eardrops doesn’t clear the blockage a visit to the GP surgery for removal of the wax using irrigation might be necessary or in some cases going to an ENT clinic for microscution.

      A few people have contacted me and raised concerns about irrigation and microsuction and asked whether they are safe for use on people that have tinnitus? I also had a lengthy discussion with someone in this forum last week, who’s adamant the tinnitus was made worse after having microsuction. This person had done all the right things. Applying olive oil eardrops to each ear for two weeks prior to the procedure and still ended up with problems. I therefore believe, the health professional doing the microsuction, wasn’t as skilled and adept as he or she should have been. This is unfortunate, as the person in question had no way of knowing this and is now enduring more discomfort.

      The old fashioned method of ear syringing, using a metal canister filled with water and squirted into the ear under pressure, to remove earwax is no longer used. This method was rather crude and abrasive and could cause problems to the ear. Modern ear irrigation is considered gentler and a safer method. I have had this done three times at my GP surgery without problems. Prior to it being carried out I used eardrops 3 times a day for 10 days to soften the wax.

      When the earwax is impacted irrigation might be unsuccessful even after using eardrops. The next step is microsuction. As the name suggests, the wax is literally sucked out using a small handheld wand with a suction tip and is considered to be the safest method of wax removal. I have also had this done three times at my hospital ENT department, which was carried out my consultant who I had every confidence in and had no problems. She is a firm believer in the use of microsuction especially for someone with tinnitus. Again, eardrops should be used for 7 to 10 days before having it done.

      A word of caution. Type into any search engine and you’ll probably find a mirosuction clinic in your area, advising how safe and quick it is and that there’s no need to use eardrops to soften the wax. Others might say just use it for a couple of days or the night before coming into clinic. I strongly advise you not follow this advice. People have contacted me after having microsuction and didn’t use eardrops for 7 to 10 days and ended up with tinnitus that they didn’t have before. When they returned to the clinic to complain they were quickly shown the door.

      Every medical procedure carries a risk. It is just not ideal to go around with blocked up ears, hearing loss or experiencing increased tinnitus as a result of impacted wax. If one is paying privately, try to find a reputable clinic and use olive oil eardrops in the manner I’ve stated before having microsuction or irrigation. I also advise to use eardrops two or three times a week to keep the earwax soft so it can pass out through the ears naturally and help prevent build up.

    12. layzell

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      Yes, that's what I use. I get a tiny plastic dropper bottle of this from my NHS doctor and it works just as you said. My T sounds like a pile of books being dropped. The thump repeats about every 10 seconds.

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