Does Sleeping Position Affect Your Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by gintas, Jul 22, 2015.

    1. gintas

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      Does anybody experience the same thing: I can sleep while on my back only to turning my face to the left when I turn it to the right it sound increasing very much in right ear. And I can't sleep on right side because it is increasing tinnitus in right ear. Thanks.

      Sleeping with pills like lorafen.

      p.s. I have had tinnitus for 3 months. Maybe it is from cold but maybe from loud sounds.
    2. uae96

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      Yes when I put my ear on the pillow (specially right ) I can hear my t much much much more clearly
    3. AUTHOR

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      for me it is increasing
    4. Evian

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      My tinnitus hates me sleeping it doesn't seem to like a still body. It seems to be all over my head anyway so wherever I lay I am affecting it in some way. I'm sleeping with pills but the most it will let me have is a max 3 hours before it wakes me. Often less.

      I am envious of those who say they have a good nights sleep and theirs is quieter. Mine screams me awake in the morning
    5. linearb

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      I definitely notice my T the most when I'm laying in bed at night, just because it's otherwise silent in the room, and I'm often laying on one of my ears.

      I do sometimes notice spikes if I sleep with my neck in a strange position, and sometimes I notice alarmingly loud blasts right as I wake up.

      One way or another I guess I've learned to deal with that pretty well, because I literally can't remember the last time this kept me awake at night, or prevented me from going right back to sleep -- even after waking up to an alarmingly loud blast.
    6. patty

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      I have T in my left ear. When I first got it there was no way I was going to sleep on my left side as the T sounded much louder. It took some time but I was able to then sleep on my left side even with the increased sound . I never did it because I've always slept on my right side. Fast forward to now I have tendonitis on my right shoulder. I switched to sleeping on my left side for the past two weeks to rest my right shoulder. My shoulder in getting much better, and I also sleep fine on my left side. Give it some time and you will be able to sleep whatever way you want.
    7. 1MW
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      For me sleep position plays role in T indesity.
      Sometimes certain positions increase T very much.
      I have left sided a T.
      When iam upright i have less T or no T.
      I can sleep only in soundproof 0db room because of H or sleep disorder.
      i can not affort any masking sound because it is worse than T

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