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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Kelsie, Jan 11, 2017.

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      When I joined this website a year ago I was SO hopeless.

      I already had suffered from depression and anxiety, one day I woke up out of no where with T and my life hasn't been the same.

      I am 18 now, a freshman in college and I have had tinnitus for a little over a year, there was no explanation as to why I got it.

      When I first developed it, it was all I could hear. A constant buzzing 24/7. I soon became suicidal, I was sent into a deep deep depression, I couldn't even dress myself. I would lay in bed all day listening to maskers trying to cope with this debilitating noise.

      After a month or so of this I started doing more research, taking vitamins, acupuncture etc. slowly I started noticing my T less and less until eventually I didn't notice it at all. I can't tell you exactly what it was that helped me get over my T, maybe the vitamins, maybe the acupuncture.

      Who knows, but as time goes on you DO adapt I promise. I heard this noise so loudly all day everyday, I was so sucicidal, and now I don't even hear it. I can't tell you my T is gone, it's not, it hear it right now as I type this, but boy does living with it get easier.

      You adapt, and every the times I still hear it like now it doesn't bother me. I'm just telling all you people out there hopeless, anxious, depressed like I was last year please please please do not give up,

      It's a long road but I promise you'll make it.

      So any questions or someone to talk to, PLEASE do not hesitate to inbox me, I'd love to help anyone through this
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      not sure
      Very positive update and thanks for sharing it @Kelsie. Your story illustrates some important points we have been telling the new sufferers. Firstly don't panic and despair even though you are in the thick of the initial suffering as things can improve. Secondly is to give the body time to heal, to get used to this sensation, to pass from the fight or flight mode when the limbic nerves are in control and things appear a lot worse than it is. Thirdly is to not project into the future at the time of the worst suffering when it seems so hopeless. The future, as in your case and many of us who have gotten better, turns out never as dark as it seemed initially. So it is important to hang in there and remain positive that things will improve over time. Of course if you read a lot of success stories and learn some helpful insights or strategies, it may speed up the healing. But it is important to give TIME enough time. Congrats to your success. Thanks for sharing.
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      Possibly ear infection or loud music
      Thanks Kelsie. These are the stories that I wanna hear. Typically with T, my life has been turned on its end in the past 6 weeks and I spent a few days where I thought this was it - couldn't get out of bed, taking any meds to numb my senses, etc. But now I have to believe that it will get better. And I do, despite having had a seriously horrible day yesterday.
      How did acupuncture work for you? Do you think that it had any impact, even if 'placebo'?
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      Noise Induced Hearing Loss
      I'm so glad for the report from you. I found one of your desperate posts and was hoping for a happy ending. I'm feeling pretty desperate at this stage. Time on this forum is helping. I don't know what time will bring but some form is relief would be great.
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      Unknown, Satan perhaps?
      This story confused me she stated she can’t hear it at all anymore but the next sentence she stated she could hear it as she typed this post
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      February, 2017
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      Acoustic Trauma
      It looks like she is saying that she has habituated. In other words, it is still there, but most of the time she is not aware of it.
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