Dysautonomia, GI Issues and Tinnitus — Fasting Helps

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Whiznot, Jun 13, 2022.

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      February 28, 2022
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      Suspected sodium and or potassium nitrates
      It all began with the development of constipation last February. Next, my blood pressure started rising. On March 1 I experienced my first tinnitus which lasted 3 days. A couple of days after it stopped, the tinnitus came back strong and constant for 6 weeks. To solve the GI issues I purged with Magnesium citrate and fasted for 4 days. Tinnitus went away for a few days then came back weaker. A month later I fasted again but for three days. Tinnitus went away for a few days but came back weaker than ever.

      For me at least, tinnitus is a GI issue. I can make it go away at will just by fasting. Each time I fast, my condition improves, both tinnitus and blood pressure. I think that I had a delayed reaction to the Moderna COVID-19 booster. I actually feel pretty good and expect full recovery. I will fast for a few days each month.
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