Ear Flutters to Voice Pitches

Discussion in 'Support' started by Worker, Oct 30, 2015.

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      lots going on at the time
      Help please? Four months ago i discovered that my ears flutter to certain pitched voices on the tv, inperson or phone. It flutters to every time a word is spoken. If i cover one of my ears it doesnt flutter. I can be listening on the phone with my right ear and the flutters are in my left ear! whatever is happening. It is very annoying and I have found myself avoiding some people.
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      I just tried entering a new thread--Parallel Voices. Forum didn't like it, so I'm jumping in to yours, thinking we may be talking about the same thing. When I speak, and especially when I sing (I'm a high soprano), another voice speaks or sings at the same time, a third or a fourth step below mine. (The first time it happened, I thought the next-door singer had suddenly gone tone-deaf!) I also hear the parallel voice when someone speaks to me--below for someone with a relatively high-pitched speaking voice, and above for a relatively low-pitched voice. It has to do with pitch, not just woman vs. man. Along with that I have two different tinnitus effects. One is a roar like riding in a jet plane, and the other like 4 or 5 adjacent notes in a high register of an organ, being played at the same time. Both are constant & not related to my pulse. Does anyone have similar tinnitus effects???
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      Benzos, Stress, Anxiety, Loud Music, Jaw Problems. Who knows
      I also have this. I really wonder if it is related to my T. I have it in both ears just like my tinnitus.

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