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      Hi guys

      I have had tinnitus due to loud noise a couple of years ago. A few weeks ago , I had fever and cold and when I went to my ENT, he said that there was some infectious hard wax in my ears . They removed the hard wax the same day.But I have been given anti bacterial ear drops and anti-biotic for this ear infection. I was wanting to know is this type of ear infection be corrected and if detected this early, can it be stopped from causing damage to the ears ? I dont have any ear pain, liquid coming out or anything. Just my tinnitus seems to be a bit high. I am feeling really depressed as I feel that I may have a new reason for more tinnitus? Please tell me whats going on and what is there to worry about?
      When does an ear infection cause permanent tinnitus ?
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      Seems to me that you need someone who is medically qualified to answer the questions about the ear infection and the physical issues connected to that. However on a general note I have read about numerous people that get just moderate T after ear infection and later it went away, some people say they get some T every time they have a cold or slight ear infection, but only then and not otherwise.

      You ask about permanent T but I guess no one can really tell what permanent is, because it can't be proven. The time span varies extremely between individuals. I don't like the word permanent because it doesn't carry any content. ENT surgeons use that word way too often!
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