Ear Ringing for 4 Days After Club

Discussion in 'Support' started by Coregame3, Feb 11, 2016.

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      I went to a club (Whiskey A Go Go) 4 days ago, on Saturday. My friend was playing heavy metal on stage for a good 45 minutes. I was standing near the stage. I left after his performance was over. For a good 4-5 hours I was okay and had no ear problems.

      When I came home I started to hear my ears ringing. It's been nearly 4 days since the ringing started, and it's been going on and off.

      Sometimes it's REALLY bad, and sometimes it's unnoticeable. I don't hear my tinnitus in the mornings, but I hear it at nights.

      Will this go away? I've heard it can last weeks or months. Should I take medicine for it to get better? I'm thinking about taking Vitamin B - Complex tomorrow. Please help :(
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      acoustic trauma
      Sorry to hear! But luckily for many people it goes away in those early stages.
      I assume you didn't wear ear plugs? For the future please make sure to not expose yourself to loud music/concerts/clubs without hearing protection.
      For now, keep away from loud places and give your ears a chance to heal. It can definitely take some time but try to stay positive. You could def try vitamin b or anything that gives you a better feeling about the T. Especially in the early stages I think that a positive mindset and the feeling to have done something against it can help. You should also go and see an ENT to get your hearing checked. Acoustic trauma and some hearing loss often go hand in hand..
      Good luck to you!
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      A warm welcome to the forum @Coregame3.

      Get in to see your doctor asap and see if you can have a course of prednisone as it could help if with in the first few days of onset .

      @seal has given you great advice and make sure you get some noise reduction plugs if in loud places.
      Give your ears time to settle and avoid using earphones and head phones for the time being and then only on the lowest setting.

      Try not to get stressed and keep calm as it will make the perception of sound louder ....
      Keep posting for support and keep us updated how you are doing......lots of love glynis
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      loud music
      I habe has ringing ears for 3 days now after going to a Club ,please help is this permanent
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      @simae If this is the first that you've had ringing in your ears after leaving a club, then there is a good chance that your ears will settle down in time. However, if this has happened more than once then it might be around for quite some time. You need to keep a way from loud sounds and I advise you not to listen to music through headphones even at low volume. click on the link below to find out more about tinnitus and treatment, it was written for people new to tinnitus. Keep away from the club for a while, and when you resume have with you noise reducing earplugs and wear them.

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