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Discussion in 'Support' started by ShaunR, Sep 2, 2016.

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      I've just signed up after lurking for a few months!

      I've had T since a concert i went to in June 2004. Since then motorbikes, engineering and working at an airport has seen my hearing and T steadily get worse! Suffice to say these days I'm a lot more conscience of my hearing and protecting it!

      For the past 2 months i've had an awful problem with my right(bad) ear. Over the course of a day it slowly became blocked. My hearing became slightly but noticeably muffled and i started to notice a sound like a car ticking over or central heating pump in the background of my T. Sounds like the ticking of my clock made my ear drum feel like it was vibrating and people talking to me was almost unbearable due to the distortion and feeling of pressure it generated. The feeling of fullness has driven me to distraction....and also some dark thoughts over the past 2 months. Its probably also worth noting that this ear crackles and pops loudly when i stretch my jaw......Something else thats now become a bad habit bordering on obsessive!

      The only thing that has enabled me to feel 'normal' again is Pseudephrine Hydrochloride. I take 2 in a morning and 2 before bed. This gets rid of the fullness and central heating hum. As soon as i stop taking it the hum returns and i'm back to feeling blocked :( This to me points to ETD. The problem is i cant live forever on Sudafed!

      My GP suggested Menieres but i have no vertigo at all. The ENT i saw was the same as always; useless. He didn't even give me a hearing test!

      This leads me onto my question.....My ENT has ordered an MRI scan. Ive read horror stories about MRI's and i'm seriously considering cancelling it. Are they really loud enough with ear plugs to cause damage? Ive habituated incredibly well to my T. I can now tune into and out of it so would hate for it to become worse!

      My other question anybody else with T or other hearing problems super aware of there hearing? What i mean is are you constantly monitoring how they feel, how things sound etc?

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      noice induced/acoustic trauma
      Hii, personally I wouldn't risk it. Habituation is a beautiful thing and If I ever, EVER get there ( mine is severe) I wouldn't want that taken away from me. But this is just my opinion.. Maybe I'm just saying this because I'm suffering so much and yes I'm super aware of my hearing which just makes my tinnitus worse lol I think most ppl on this forum is aware
      Good luck x
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      Constantly aware. I would wait on the MRI. [QUOTE="ShaunR, post: 201298,
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      Punishment for being so darn good looking!
      I am not sure I would cancel the MRI. First off, the reason I went ahead with my MRI scan was to see if there may have been a blockage, tumor or any other issue in the area of the brain that may effect hearing and or Tinnitus. My situation was already worse than yours tho and understand how you feel about having to go thru this. I was already practically deaf in both ears when I had the MRI and had no worries about further damage from noise or radiation from the scan. I will say this, I had an MRI many years back for another issue and yes it was sort of loud but not crazy loud. Lots of banging, clanking vibrating during the scans but my ride home listening to my car stereo was much louder!! So this really is up to you. I for one am happy to know I had no tumor or other variable brain issue.

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