Evolving Pulsatile Tinnitus Caused by Behcet's Disease

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dean Schröder, Feb 7, 2023.

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      Behcet's Disease
      It started with tubes in my ears multiple times from age 5-9 with about 7-8 ear infections a year. Both eardrums have malformations from being born premature at 28 weeks.

      Teenage years I started taking music seriously and played live shows with different bands over the years without ear protection. This was about the time mp3 players also became popular and I always had earphones in while walking, in public, or recording.

      I was diagnosed with Behcet's disease in 2006 and a primary issue is restriction on blood vessels. In 2009 my disease was labeled Neuro-Behcets because it was affecting my brain, eyes, and hearing and I was diagnosed with pulsatile tinnitus.

      I have only had 6 months of remission in 2013 when I started Humira for the Behcet's, but the Humira stopped working and the thumping crept back in.

      Over the past 2 years the pulsatile tinnitus has ramped itself up. My mental health is suffering.

      My therapist recommended I try a forum so here I am to see if this can stimulate my mind in a healthy way instead of the unforgiving darkness of chronic disease.
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      I wonder if you've considered low dose Naltrexone to treat the vessel inflammation?

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