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Discussion in 'Support' started by leelo, Jun 2, 2014.

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      I give up. No amout of posting anything and reading positive things is going to make me feel better. The frequency noise in my head is getting louder. I can't sleep and this was suppose to be the year i do my best in school. I never thought this would happen to me. Tired of beig positive. I just want to go under a rock and stay there
      :( </3
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    2. jimH

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      Hi leelo,

      Sorry that it's been really bad for you today. You've only had T a short time and I can assure you that your ability to cope with it and eventually have it not bother you so much will come in TIME. If you haven't already read the thread on Habituate, please do so. It will give you hope. Hope helps us to cope:


      I too have had to go through this process so I can tell you that it's true and it will eventually happen to you. It seems that there is some natural survival or coping mechanism in our brains that eventually adjusts to it. However, it does take time for this process to occur.

      Sleep is so very important. So, if you need a sleeping aid or anti-anxiety medication for a while then see your physician. Don't put it off.

      Take heart! Your situation is going to get a lot better....;^)
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    3. Floyd Mayweather

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      Loud noise exposure or an ear infection, or maybe a combination :(
      Sorry to hear about your Tinnitus. If you have trouble sleeping, try sleep with a TV on. I found that my Tinnitus can get worse when lying down, so try sit up and watch a movie in bed till you are very tired. When you are about to fall asleep, put your pillow down, turn off the TV, lie down and you should fall asleep very quickly. It works for me. Give it a shot.
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    4. Jay M

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      You are not alone.
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    5. Martin69

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      Ask your doctor for Remeron (Mirtazapine). It is against depression and makes you tired.
      Take 15 or 30 mg two hours before you go to bed.

      The T doesn't keep you awake. It is the anxiety. I get 9 hours of sleep and I always look forward to it. Because sleep time is when I do not hear my T.

      Remeron helps me a lot. But I was also always a robust sleeper.

      That you become depressed, is normal. First you stay positive. But T screams day by day and you don't know how to cope. So live day by day, mask your T and give it time. T veterans here tell you we get used to it. So the body/brain get bored listening to the same sound again and again.

      Stay strong, take care and never give up.
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    6. cowdodge

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      I know this sounds awful but I take Oxicotin twice a day and it does help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I take a very small amount and watch out that I don't get addicted. I can notice after about an hour of just feeling yuk because of the noise and then it seems to switch oft and I'm not bothered by it so much. As for sleep I have no problem but its when I wake up that the shite hit the fan and my anxiety level start to peak. If it were not for the anxiety level I could just live with this stuff but that part is the worst for me. I'm buying some new hearing aids with maskers that are called ZEN hoping these will resolve the issue with the anxiety issue. Also you can set these hearing aids up to TRT and will going in that general direction.
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    7. nogood

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      Try melatonin it helps with sleep and not additive.. also not much of side effects. .
      I am also new to this its been a month plus time now.. it was/is hard..
    8. Laura89

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      Leelo, is there anything you can use to mask your T?

      It is very hard at first, I don't have T, I have vascular tinnitus, quite different, but at the end I am also dealing with a noise in my head. At first I had to mask it all the time, I use melatonin and passion flower extract, I leave a movie on my laptop while I fall I asleep, I put a fan on sometimes to make a background soothing noise. I used to sleep in my bathtub because of the fan noise :p.

      I am 3 months and a half in and you have to know that things do and will get better over time. Today I just started my garden, I don't miss work anymore and I am more positive about the future than 3 months ago. I send you hugs and know that you have the strength in you to get through this.
    9. AUTHOR

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      Thank you Laura for your positive words :)I keep the fan on at nights that help a lot

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