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      On your External Accounts Settings » you can now associate your Tinnitus Talk account with your Pushover or Pushbullet client.

      Both Pushover and Pushbullet are comparable, offering mobile and desktop clients. Pushbullet is completely free whilst Pushover costs $4.99 per platform (if you want to use Pushover only on iOS, it's a one-time fee of $4.99; if you want to use it on both iOS and your laptop/desktop computer, then it's 2x $4.99 = $9.98).

      With these applications you are able to receive instant push notifications on your devices whenever something of noteworthy regarding your Tinnitus Talk account happens, e.g.;
      • Be alerted of new private conversations
      • Be alerted when a post is made to a thread you watch
      When associating your account with either Pushover or Pushbullet, you are able to choose what you want to be notified about. For example, you could disable everything else but notifications about private conversations.

      Learn more about the services via the below links:

      This feature is only available to our benefactors, whom we thank for supporting the continued development of Tinnitus Talk. Learn more about becoming a Benefactor here »

      If you need support in regard to using this feature, please contact Markku by clicking here »
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