Found Something That Masks Most of My Tinnitus While Lying Down at Night

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Aug 31, 2016.

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      Some of my tinnitus is unmaskable but I find that cricket noises and running water at full blast can help mask a lot of it, at least more than regular things.

      Lying down at night sometimes can cause people to focus on their tinnitus more so I figured I would share this with you all.

      I went to and clicked on "Summer Night" and then adjusted the red and brown sliders. I had to dial it back some because I have hearing aids and it causes a little feedback.

      If you have a hard time hearing these sounds it is possible hearing aids might benefit you to reduce the noticeability of tinnitus by amplifying higher frequencies.

      They have some other water sounds too on there so hopefully something on there can help you.
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      anxiety - stress
      Thank you very much, Jason!
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      Summer of 1990
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      Noise exposure?
      Isn't that how most people got tinnitus?

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